Saturday, August 14, 2010

2 Years Old!

My little man turns two today. I have witnessed so many changes take place over the last 365 days. My chubby, easy-going infant turned into a rambunctious toddler. His communication went from mainly crying/whining to actual words and simple sentences. Crawling turned into walking. Then running. Then climbing.

Three weeks after Colton's 1st birthday, his very first tooth appeared. And then another, and another until he had a total of 16. Only his second year molars have yet to pop through the gums. When he was 14 months old, he got his first hair cut. I thought I would cry when his daddy cut off all his blonde curls, but I got over it. At 15 months, he went from two naps a day down to one. A month later, he began taking steps on his own very cautiously. Finally when it seemed like this child would never walk, he did! Right here in our living room, a week after turning 17 months old. Language development also seemed to take forever. At 18 months, Colton only had a vocabulary of five words. Then it grew and grew until he was saying a new word every day. Now he can say about 40 words.

I've changed another 2,000 diapers this year. Made about 300 peanut butter sandwiches. Watched more Sesame Street and Barney than any adult should ever watch. Lived through a hellish week of teething (i.e. no sleep) while first year molars came in. Walked probably 1,000 miles "just to get outside", either pushing a stroller or following behind a very curious toddler who was all too eager to look at rocks, twigs, or leaves. Visited nearly every playground within a ten mile radius so said toddler would put pent up energy to good use, ensuring a solid 2-hour nap in the afternoon. Said, pleaded, and even yelled the word "no" too many times to count (a million?). Kissed, hugged, and snuggled at least several thousand times. Loved so much I thought my heart would burst.

This second year of Colton's life has been filled with exciting milestones, tantrums, frustration, joy, and amazement as I've watched my baby become a boy. Every day I fall more in love with him and marvel at the beautiful child God has blessed me with. He melts my heart with his kisses and fills my life with his fun-loving spirit. I am so honored to be his mother. Happy Birthday, Coltie!!

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