Friday, May 13, 2011

Almost Halfway...

... through this pregnancy, that is. I can't believe I'm well into my 18th week when it seems like just yesterday those two pink lines appeared on a stick. I've been feeling the baby move around consistently for about two weeks now, feeling him or her more when I sit down for a while, particularly when I'm leaning foward. My big ultrasound is scheduled for May 24, and I cannot wait! Hopefully baby #2 will cooperate and we'll find out if Colton is going to have a little brother or a little sister. So far on Gregg's side of the family, there is an even number of boys and girls. All the grandchildren have also been born in perfect girl/boy order, so according to this "trend" the next one should be a girl! Either way, this baby will be the tie breaker.

In other news, I've been really frustrated lately with Colton's behavior. I'm struggling with how to respond to him in the best way, without completely losing my temper. Every request is met with a no, and he is constantly testing his limits. Sometimes I think he's being obstinate just for the heck of it, trying to be as independent as he can be. He'll refuse to get a new diaper put on, eat his food, get dressed, etc. The tantrums have also risen to a new level. Over everything. Over nothing. When we have to leave some place to come home or when I don't let him do or have something he wants, it is mass hysteria.

We're also potty training which is driving me nuts. Colton started to express an interest in going on the potty a few weeks ago. So I went with it, not wanting to discourage him and perhaps miss a golden opportunity. Whenever I take his diaper off, he proclaims he wants to "go pee pee on the potty". He can tell me when he's wet and is dirty, needs privacy to poop, knows the body parts that the pee and poop come out of and calls them by their proper names, and can even undress himself with a little bit of help. He is also more than happy to flush the toilet for me. But there's nothing actually happening while he sits on the potty. Nada, zero, zilch.

I try to have him sit there no more than 3 to 5 minutes, because any longer and it becomes a way for him to stall something. I've tried letting him run around the house naked, so that I might "catch him in the act" and be able to redirect him to the potty but when I wasn't paying attention he peed on the carpet in his room. He did come and find me right away to tell me he had "made a mess" though, which I praised him for and then reminded him that pee pee goes in the potty. I've tried to strenghten the connection between "going" and the potty by emptying the contents of his poopy diapers into the big toilet and letting him flush them. I'll sit on the toilet while he sits on his potty and we'll talk about how it feels to know when the pee pee is coming. I've even done live demonstrations and talked about everything as it's happening! Now I really just want to let him pick out his own underwear, and maybe if he's uncomfortable being wet in them he'll ask to go on the potty when he actually has to go, not just when his diaper is taken off. I don't know. I know this process can take a frustrating amount of time, but I'm at a loss. Any dreams of Colton being trained, at least during the day, by the time the new baby comes are fading quickly. Sigh.

It can be easy to focus on the bad even while there is so much good. It's easy to forget how beautiful and wonderful this child is when I'm exasperated by another meltdown or the fact that he won't listen. But he is. I continue to be amazed by him. Not that long ago, Colton could barely string two words together and now he's talking in complete sentences. Making up jokes. Recounting the day's events to his daddy at night before bed. Saying please and thank you without being prompted. Suddenly pronouncing several words correctly that he could not before. He knows many of his colors, though he still gets red mixed up with pink and yellow with orange. He can also identify several letters and knows all of his animal sounds. He also likes to sing along to his Toddler Tunes cd, which he must play every morning while he's getting ready and every night before bedtime.

I know this challenging phase will pass eventually. I need to treasure the time I have with Colton while he's so young. One day when he's a teenager and "too cool" for his mom, I'll be longing for the days when he felt comfortable enough with me to throw an epic tantrum.


Maria Delgado said...

We went through the same stage with Elena. Tanrums for anything. No reason needed.

Just rest assured that it's a phase that he will pull through.

Stick to whatever guidelines you have. Don't waver.

Pray a LOT! I know that devoting prayer for patience everyday is a great way to not only gain patience, but to help you remember to keep from rising in anger toward him.

I know how this is, I struggle with a bad temper and want so much to show grace toward Elena while maintaining order and consistency.

Praying for u friend.


R said...

we are soooo THERE. (not the pregnancy part - no news on that front!!! but the terrible twos!!) Goose is just NUTS these days, and it doesn't help that we're cutting 2yr molars and she's waking up crying and her "mouf hurts" a lot... we're not getting much sleep, and you can definitely tell. Goose is more cranky & clingy than normal, I'm less tolerant and my patience is very thin... we get exasperated with each other often lately, and the meltdowns are coming from both ends. It's SO tough isn't it? when a simple "no" turns into hysteria and tantrums? we were trying to wean her from her darn paci, but lately she wants it all.the.time. so that's not going well either. thankfully potty training is the one thing that seems to be going fairly well... we definitely have good days and bad days, but she's doing great with it at daycare, and pretty well (most of the time) at home... one thing that increased her interest and made her want to go on the potty more was letting her pick out some unders (surprise, surprise - she picked Dora!) and she LOVES wearing her Dora unders... hopefully getting Colton some big boy unders will increase his interest as well - but like everyone keeps telling me - it will happen when they're ready, try not to stress about it. (easier said than done, eh?) *sigh* sending good vibes your way lady!!

ps - so glad so many of us are blogging!!

audreybreier said...

Ahh, the tantrums. I deal with that from both Cade and Liam! But, I think it's getting easier, or maybe I'm just learning to deal with it better. It can be so hard to handle though!

As for potty training, I tried with Cade when he was around 2..he was so not ready. Some kids are, Cade wasn't. When he turned 3, he was ready and I didn't even really have to do anything. He was trained (night and day) within a month and never has accidents. It's awesome! I hope Liam does the same thing :) I've considered trying to start training him, but I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle that project yet!

Amy said...

So excited for you to find out what you are having!!! Malachi is just starting to show signs of independence and tantrums - I am not looking forward to it getting worse before it gets better ;p