Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sugar and Spice

I had my 20 week ultrasound yesterday morning, and found out that we're having a girl!!! I really didn't have a strong feeling towards either gender this time. When I was pregnant with Colton, I would have bet money that I was having a boy. I really couldn't guess with this pregnancy. The ultrasound tech asked if we wanted to know the baby's gender, and since I said yes, she told us that she couldn't find anything indicating it was a boy so it was most likely a girl! Tears started welling up in my eyes.

It felt really good to ask how big "she" was measuring- 12 ounces and two days ahead of my due date (Gregg's birthday!) Everything else with the exam went perfectly. Baby Girl kept moving around so much that it was hard for the tech to get all the measurements she needed, especially for the heart. We got several pictures to take home with us, but they didn't do any 3D ones, which I was disappointed about. Oh well, I'll get to see my daughter in person just five months from now.

My daughter. I get tears in my eyes again just thinking it. I really, really wanted a girl but I knew I was going to be okay if I ended up having two boys. I feel like our family is complete now. I was pretty sure I only wanted two kids, and now I'm definitely sure that we're done. I feel incredibly blessed to have been given two healthy children and for the privilege of raising both a son and a daughter.

Of course, after the appointment I got on the phone right away to call and text family and friends. My mother started getting choked up when I told her she was having a granddaughter. She can't wait to go out and buy pink clothes! Speaking of which, we need a lot of since nearly all of Colton's outfits are either blue or plastered with puppies, sports or cars. My friend Laura has two girls and offered to let me have their clothing before she tries to sell it in a garage sale. All of the gear we registered for when I was preggo with Colton is non-gender specific, so we can reuse all of that.

I am very excited that we're having a little girl. Gregg and I are actually agreeing on names this time! We couldn't settle on a name for Coltie until the week before he was born. I'm thinking pink and brown for the nursery too. Now all we need is to find a house to rent in the next couple of months!


Amy said...

I am so happy you got your girly girl :) I love my two boys soooo much but I can't wait to have a girl someday!!!

Jess said...


R said...

so happy for you!! little girls clothes are so much fun! (although I have to admit I LOVE little boys in sweater vests!!) that is AWESOME that you'll have a little girl to dress up and do fun girl things with when she's older - I mean, not many guys want to have a spa day with their mom, right? ;) CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Maria Delgado said...

YAY!!!! A girl! Congrats!