Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Little of This & That

So I've been keeping myself busy while Gregg's away- blogging, housework, chatting on the phone with my sister about wedding details. Last night I did my civic duty and voted on my way to Small Group. On Monday, Gregg called me from his parents' as I was driving home from work to say he got there okay. I was so relieved. He said he had just enough time to catch his connecting flight in Charlotte, NC. Tomorrow he'll have a 2 1/2 hour layover there so he might get to visit with his sister Lori for a little while. He called me again around 10 that night and he sounded so far away. Which, I mean he IS, but anyway...

I was happy to hear from him again late the next morning. He told me it was gray and cold up there and he just could not get warm. Already, he's become a true Floridian! He was going to share a bite to eat with his grandpa that afternoon at one of our favorite luncheonettes, and see about getting together with Russ before the viewing that night.

While we were on the phone, he told me he heard from his boss (the church administrator) that the session of CPC fired the youth pastor. It wasn't completely unexpected but still hard to hear. It was for entirely valid reasons, which were in line with things that Gregg had seen himself and mentioned to me since working there. The board of elders emailed members that afternoon with an explanation of what happened, and our small group leader made several copies available so we could read and discuss it.

Crazy stuff happening at our church all of a sudden. We lose two pastors within three weeks?! The congregation is struggling to grapple with Pastor Dan's resignation and now they've been given another hard pill to swallow. God is doing some serious pruning here. This is going to bring the church to its knees, but in ultimately a good way I think. I prayed this morning that we would recognize God is sovereign in all of this and that He would protect & comfort our church.

Oh, I am so ready for Gregg to come home.

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