Friday, November 03, 2006

My Life in Overdrive

Things have been pretty busy this week at the B household (what else is new?) with repainting the kitchen and cleaning the house in anticipation of my mom and stepdad’s arrival tomorrow. Gregg took the afternoon off Tuesday and went back to Lowe’s to buy a gallon of the new paint. He just rested when he came home so that he wouldn’t strain his back any further, which I was grateful for. That night we went to our small group’s Fondue Night/Halloween party. There were lots of sugary goodies that we indulged in: candy corn, cookies and angel food cake & strawberries dipped in chocolate (mmmm).

Jonathan and Michelle who are not a part of our regular group showed up, which was nice. After we had all given ourselves a sugar high, we retired to the living room and kind of had an open discussion with Jonathan about Pastor Dan’s resignation. As the associate pastor, he was able to answer questions we had and clear up a lot of things. Then he & Michelle left to go to the Halloween party the singles group was having, and the rest of us played a couple rounds of Catch Phrase. It was girls against guys, and I regrettably post that the guys ending up winning both rounds. We’re going to have another game night in a few weeks, though, so the women can take the lead back!

Wednesday night after dinner Gregg got to work right away on cutting in corners with the new paint, which turned out so much better than that horrible retro green. It’s not my favorite color, I’ll admit, but it does give the kitchen a country-ish feel. I’m thinking we need to put up a sunflower border next to complete the look, hee hee. Yeah, I'm sure Gregg would love that. He started at 6:15 and didn’t finish until 11:30. So we didn’t get to bed until almost midnight and I was exhausted. He still needs to touch up a few spots yet.

Last night while he was at worship rehearsal, I cleaned the kitchen, did a couple loads of wash, dusted and swiffered the floor. Our house is starting to return to that clean, fresh place I like to call home. Gregg is going to paint the bathroom tonight and I’ll vacuum, fold laundry and make up the guest bed. Tomorrow I’m cleaning the bathroom and then we should have some down time before Mom & Art arrive. They’re flying into Charleston, SC tonight, staying over night there, and then making the 7 hour drive down to us in the morning. They’re visiting with Art’s cousin there on the 11th, so rather than spend the extra $500 or whatever dollars on flying in and out of two different airports, they decided to just begin and end their trip in the same place, even though it means a whole lot more driving.

I’m excited and also a bit apprehensive about their visit. My mom and I have had a strained relationship since, well, basically I got engaged. She’s never really thought Gregg was any good for me and had a very hard time “letting go” since I’m the oldest. A week before our wedding, she told me what a huge mistake I was making. Things are better now, four years later, but still… weird. Gregg feels like an outsider with my family, that they don’t accept him. For this reason unfortunately, he never looks forward to a visit from them.

In other news, Gregg and I may be going away soon for a little R & R. We talked about it last night, how we both need a break from our regular hectic routine, and Gregg asked if I could see about getting the day after Thanksgiving off since he’s already taking that Friday through Sunday as vacation days. We have no obligations to be anywhere on Thanksgiving b/c we don’t have family here, so we can just go away together for a long weekend if we wanted. It’ll be good to have some time alone- no dog, no phone calls, no housework- right before the crazy holiday season starts.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Audrey's Journal said...

You're so lucky! I wish Nathan and I could go away on a trip. Which, I'm sure we could but his job keeps him so busy I hardly see him anymore. It should be a fun weekend for you guys!!

Askinstoo said...
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Askinstoo said...
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