Friday, December 22, 2006

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

I’m breathing a lot easier today. It’s my last day of work before the Christmas break, and I’m getting excited. Yesterday, Gregg and I worked on de-cluttering the house. He got rid of the junk that was sitting around in the living room and I cleaned up the kitchen & did a couple more loads of laundry. After dinner, he helped me fold the mountain of clean clothes and put them away. It’s so nice to have a clutter free house again!

The pile of presents under the tree is growing as more packages show up on our doorstep. Christmas cards continue to accumulate on the sill of the bay window in the kitchen. Our counters are full of home baked goodies that we’ve received from co-workers this past week. With all these adornments, the house is looking very festive. Last night, Gregg and I opened the ornaments his mom sent with the large package that arrived on Tuesday, the ones that she engraves herself every year. There were two identical silver snowflakes with our names and the year on them, which we hung on the tree. Yes, our home is looking a lot like Christmas indeed.

There’s still a list about a mile long of to do’s before Gregg’s family arrives next Friday, of course, but I’ve posted it here in a nice, neat (belated) Thursday Thirteen. Having it down “on paper” and out of my head helps me to focus on what really matters this Christmas holiday. These are just things to do, and they will get done!

13 Things I Need To Do Before The In-laws Get Here

1. Go grocery shopping for the “Christmas Feast”.

2. Finish wrapping the presents.

3. Sweep the floors, vacuum, dust.

4. Wash bed sheets and make up the guest beds.

5. Clean the bathroom. (ick)

6. Fold and put away laundry; stack fresh towels in the bathroom closet.

7. Recycle cardboard boxes.

8. Clean out the refrigerator.

9. Organize/put away papers that are piled in various places in the kitchen.

10. Give the dog a bath.

11. Sweep out back porch.

12. De-clutter our bedroom and the spare room.

13. Relax.

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my 2 cents said...

Good luck getting everything done! Enjoy your time with your in-laws, and Happy Holidays!

amy said...

I have been there, done that..Hope you have a good visit..Be proud of what you accomplished

The GateKeeper said...

Whew, you are making me tired. Hope you get it all done, but no stress, right? Have a Merry Christmas with your folks.

Norma said...

Clean out the frig? For Christmas? Is this so there is more room for goodies?

My Thursday Thirteen is up--remembering special Christmas gifts. Check here.

PatentPrincess said...

I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and that you were able to get everything done in time for the IL's visit!!


GuusjeM said...

So did it all get done! I bet the dog hoped you forget him/her!