Tuesday, December 19, 2006

So This Is Christmas

Over this past weekend, I started getting a little homesick. It feels weird not be making plans to visit my family on Christmas Eve, or anticipating the yearly tradition of spending the whole day Christmas with Gregg’s immediate & extended families. I can’t help but feel just a tad bit jealous when I hear of somebody who’s getting ready to travel home to see family. You know what they say- “There’s no place like home for the holidays”. And honestly, it’s just so strange to me that the temperature hasn’t even broken 60 degrees the whole month of December, and we’ll probably be wearing shorts and t-shirts on Christmas Day.

Gregg and I haven’t figured out what we’re doing on the 25th yet. We got a very nice invitation to join some other people who don’t have family in the area, but we may just go it alone, like we did on Thanksgiving. It’ll probably end up being like any other day, since we’re planning on having Christmas on the 30th instead when Gregg’s family will be down here. We’ll do presents, and I’ll probably make a roast of some kind and heat up some of those delicious pies from Cracker Barrel in the oven (shhh, don’t tell anyone!).

That, I am looking forward to. It will be fun hosting my first Christmas, and having them visit with us for a few days. We’ve already started preparing the house for their arrival. On Saturday, we bought a cheap twin bed for the third bedroom/storage room for Gregg’s grandpa to sleep in. There was just enough space for it, too, once we reorganized everything. Sunday after church we dug out all the presents that were in the spare room closet and wrapped them. We packaged the ones for Gregg’s sister’s family and mine in cardboard boxes so they could be shipped out to North Carolina and New Jersey. UPS said they’ll be at their scheduled destinations by Thursday.

We spoke to Gregg's parents and brother Sunday and they’re all excited about coming. Jeff told us that he and Liz found out they are having a girl! I’m sure my MIL is going to spoil her rotten.

Some Christmas presents have started making their way to our house. My mom sent a package which we picked up from the post office on Saturday and just yesterday a box arrived from Gregg’s sister, courtesy of DHL. MIL said that their gifts should arrive today and tomorrow. The box that came from North Carolina was stuffed full of little gifts that were obviously wrapped by our nieces and nephew. So cute. We’re waiting until Christmas day to open them. And, I got an early Christmas gift from my boss. He very generously gave me a $1,000 bonus. Score!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… even if the weather doesn’t make it feel that way.

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