Thursday, February 07, 2008

12 Weeks

I thought I would narrowly escape the first trimester without getting sick. But this morning, it happened. A miniature yakk fest. Thankfully I hadn't gone into work yet. Afterwards, I managed to get down a multi grain English muffin and a glass of juice. I opted to type my progress notes at home, finally leaving for the agency around 12:30. I am so grateful I have such a flexible schedule!

I told my boss about the pregnancy yesterday, and he was very happy for me. In fact, he couldn't say enough good things about being a parent. He said that having a kid was the best decision he and his wife made. He stated, "I assume you'll be taking some time off, then?" I told him yes, but didn't know how much yet. He said that was fine and we'd play it by ear as I got closer to my due date. How great is that??

Last weekend, Gregg and I went to a Super Bowl party at Ryan & Anita's. We are so not football fans, but it was a good excuse to get together with friends. They just had a baby boy in January, and he is so adorable! I held him for a while during the game, the whole time thinking "I can't believe I'll have one of these in 6 1/2 months." Okay, I confess that I nearly fell asleep during the second half. But the game was dragging for a while and I need something more than just mere will power these days to keep me awake past 9. I was very glad that the Giants won, with minutes to spare, defeating the cheaters (oh, I mean the Patriots).

My lower abdomen has definitely rounded out by now. Still only really noticeable to me and hubby, though. I can't wait until I start sporting a baby bump! My veins are a lot more prominent, too (under my clothes). I read that's because my body has an increased supply of blood to help grow the baby. Where did it come from, I wonder? The whole baby making process is an absolute miracle.


Maria D. said...

It's amazing that you are growing a life. I am amazed whenever I look at Elena that she grew in me. It's truly awesome.

LCP said...

Isn't your body an amazing thing!? Knows just what it needs for the baby when it needs it. Everything from the morning sickness, to the hormones, to the is crazy and peaceful at the same time.