Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good and Bad

So a few weeks ago, Gregg and I bought a mini-van. We got one because 1) our family is growing, and 2) it was really about time we had a second vehicle. We got a great deal on a pre-owned van, which was in almost pristine condition. It drives well and has a good bit of room inside. After owning it for almost two weeks, an illegal immigrant driving a borrowed vehicle lost control of his car and slammed into the front left end of the minivan while it was parked at Gregg's workplace. The man who was in the country illegally was arrested by the policeman who arrived on the scene and most likely deported. Leaving us to deal with the insurance company of the guy who let this idiot drive his car.

Right off the bat, we could tell this would not be a smooth process. Gregg filed a claim and the insurance people weren't playing very nice. They did eventually have someone come out to appraise the damage on the van and determined it's a total loss. They're claiming no liability because they only insure the owner of the car that hit us, not the driver. Which is a bunch of crapola. So we're filing a lawsuit against the owner to recoup the value of our van.

This whole thing bothers me on so many levels. First, the injustice of it all. The fact that this insurance company is being shady and not paying up. The fact that we spent hard earned money on a car and did not do a single thing to cause this accident in any way, shape, or form, but some fool comes along and in one second, destroys a possession of ours. Second, the sheer frustration of having to deal with something like this. Third, sadness that we have to actually sue somebody in order to get our money back. The whole filing a lawsuit thing really creeps me out. But what other choice do we have? Hopefully, it will just be settled out of court and we won't have to appear on Judge Judy (ha ha).

I've been hesitant to blog about this because I don't want to seem complainy. There are plenty of very good things happening in our lives right now. Nobody got injured. Nobody died. We have suffered a material loss and setback, but there are worse things in life. I remember reading an article last year in a Christian magazine that said our life is like a railroad track, and at all times there are good things happening and bad things happening. There are no mountaintops or valleys. As I look back on my life, I find this to be true. Especially now. We have been blessed with a wonderful little miracle we are so looking forward to. That's obviously the good part. On the other hand, we are experiencing unfairness and a big irritation. That's the bad part. I shouldn't be caught off guard when negative things happen to me. But I am. Jesus said, "in this life you will have trouble." He guaranteed it. He did not want us to be surprised when "bad things happen to good people".

I guess what I'm trying to say in all of this, is that I need to give it over to God and leave it in His hands. He is still in control. And like I said before, there are worse things in life.

So on to more pleasant things... we had a very nice Valentines Day. Well, evening really. We were invited out to dinner at Red Robin by our friends Dave & Theresa. I was so glad that after a long and somewhat frustrating day at work, I got to spend time with my husband and good friends eating good food and enjoying great conversation. You know you have good friends when you leave their presence feeling reenergized and blessed. On Friday, I met my friend Ruthann and her 21 month old daughter Calleigh for lunch. We talked about pregnancy and our husbands (all good stuff!) over sandwiches and ice cream. Then I got to go home because I didn't have to be back at work. That night, Gregg and I went over to Ryan & Anita's and played Scattergories and watched a movie. Saturday we pretty much enjoyed the day off together, running some errands and getting some great bargains out shopping. I picked up a baby names book for $3 which I spent a few hours last night going through and highlighting.

On the pregnancy front, I am officially getting too big for my own pants. I'm not sure if it's all the bloating, or if it's truly my tummy poking out there. I haven't been sleeping as well, either. The last few nights, I've woken up in the middle of the night feeling like I'm going to crawl out of my skin. Like when you have too much caffeine. Only I've been avoiding caffeinated substances. My digestive system is still screwed up because of all the hormones that are raging. The hormones are also making me way more irritable and sensitive. Oh yeah, I have now entered my second trimester! 1 down, two to go. They say the second one is the easiest. The nausea has let up and you're not running to the bathroom constantly anymore. My risk of miscarrying has decreased signficantly. I can't believe I'm in my fourth month already. Only 27 more weeks to go!


And Baby Makes Three said...

Hello!! Congrats on making it to your second trimester!! It is much better than the energy is back and my appetite was back as well. It is such an amazing time to share with your husband, and once you feel them move around it makes it all the more real! I look forward to reading your blog about your own pregnancy!


Alicia said...

So much good, and so much bad. It's the story of the human life. YAY to you for being able to see the light and knowing that no matter what we do, our lives will have problems. Jesus said so! I also hope that everything with the van gets resolved quickly and out of the court room.
YAY for the second trimester milestone!

Betsy said...

Sorry to hear about your van..I hope everything works out with the insurance company and things get settled soon. You'll be in my prayers!

Yay for the 2nd trimester and saying goodbye to nausea! I was never so happy as when the all-day sickness went away. I felt like I could finally just ENJOY being pregnant! Good luck to you!

Maria D. said...

Grrr.... I am not even going to start on the tirade that is my irritation with illegals driving and screwing people over when they get into accidents.

Glad that your pregnancy is going well thus far! What a blessing!

Amy said...

Good luck on all the car stuff. It is amazing how Insurance Companies can screw people over sometimes. I always say how it does not make sense that it is illegal to drive without insurance and yet it is also illegal for us to not have un-insured driver coverage. Seems stupid. I am glad nobody got hurt in the accident but still frustrating to deal with an uncooperative insurance company.