Friday, March 21, 2008


Happy Good Friday! Spring is finally here and it's... 35 degrees out. So much for warm, light jacket days skipping through the tulips. It was so windy yesterday that I had to force my car door open and it kept trying to close on me! I am so ready to say goodbye to winter weather.

Life has been ridiculously busy lately. I feel like I'm having a hard time keeping up- with work, home, friends. I've been such a slacker with house chores, especially laundry (blech). It's time to get to steppin' though, because my mom and stepdad are coming to visit tomorrow and staying through Easter. We haven't seen them since Christmas, so it'll be fun to see my mom's reaction to my newly sprouted (and ever growing) baby bump! I was feeling like Gregg and I were two ships passing in the night, but yesterday after work we spent some nice quality time together. It was nothing fancy- we went to Staples so Gregg could buy a headset to use at his job and then to Michael's to get netting for the favors I'm putting together for my sister's shower in two weeks. Afterwards we ate dinner at Panera, where a group of women were having a baby shower for one girl who looked very pregnant. I can't believe I'm going to be that big in just a few months. On the way home, we stopped at Mower Meadows Frozen Custard since they were giving away free ices for the first day of spring. We both got cherry and our mouths and teeth turned bright red!

I was feeling pretty yuck-o after eating the entire cup. Me and sweets don't get along these days. I tried eating a bowl of Honey Bunches O' Oats (the kind with cinnamon) this morning and could barely finish it. The Easter candy we have sitting on the kitchen table, which we got from Gregg's mom in our annual Easter package, has barely been touched. It's strange what pregnancy does to you. In more preggo news, I've since retired my non-maternity pants until sometime this fall. Elastic waistbands are now my best friend. A friend let me go through her stash of maternity clothes which had been hidden away in the attic. I have a huge bag of them in our bedroom waiting to be washed and put away. This will save us a pretty penny on a brand new wardrobe, which of course my husband is very happy about.

Over the last few days, I've felt the baby moving around! It's hard to describe the movements, but they're kind of like random, spastic gas bubbles. And I know that it's not actually gas- don't ask me to explain HOW I know this. There's just a difference. The baby was having a disco in there on Tuesday night as I watched Idol. I told Gregg I could feel it moving, so he put his hand on my belly to feel it too but he couldn't. He's been rubbing my tummy frequently and commenting on how big it's getting. Not in a "wow, you're getting really fat" kind of way, but a "wow, our child is growing inside you" kind of wonder. We are both in awe that this miracle is taking place inside me.

In just two weeks, we'll find out the gender of our "tiny dancer". I'm so excited! It will become a lot more real and personal to us when we can say "him" or "her" instead of just "the baby". Then we can start really picking out names. I have my two favorite names for a boy and a girl already, but I don't know that Gregg is sold on them. And we most likely won't be revealing the name we do settle on, even to our families, until the baby arrives.

We took the plunge a couple of weekends ago and registered at Babies 'R Us. Holy cow, babies are expensive. I'm still wondering how such a tiny little being who did just fine living in my womb for nine months without anything suddenly needs a buttload of gear upon the day it's born. Don't get me wrong, registering for all that stuff was definitely fun. We picked out the nursery decor which is really cute and all kinds of goodies that are both practical and adorable. But there was certainly an added element of stress in there. It's not like registering for your wedding. I felt pretty incompetent walking into the store, like a total mommy rookie. We did have some very good tips, however, from our sister-in-law who just had a baby last May. And Gregg's parents offered to buy us the crib and mattress. I think my mom & stepdad are getting us the changing table, too. Yay for grandparents!

Not much else to say except I hope it gets warmer soon. Oh, and have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

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Bradley said...

Have a wonderful Easter, too! Baby shopping can be overwhelming. Don't worry, it sounds like you'll have lots of help. BTW, if you are looking for something cute to ask for at your shower or to buy for the nursery, how about how about a personalized sign that accents the d├ęcor, once you have a name picked out? Check out the "personalized artwork" at this website. The artist is a mom.