Monday, March 24, 2008


Well, it did get a little warmer since my last post. Despite a light dusting of snow Saturday morning, the temperature got up to 50 something later in the day and it stayed pretty nice throughout the weekend. My mother & stepfather came to visit as planned and we had a nice time with them. My mom got me a couple of very cute maternity tops and some adorable gifts for baby as well- a bib, pajamas and a onesie. The onesie says "In my little world, being toothless is a good thing!" She also brought me a solid chocolate Easter bunny like I used to get as a kid.
I had my fifth month checkup this morning before work. Pretty routine- they checked my weight, blood pressure, and urine, and all were normal. So far my total weight gain during the pregnancy has been a whopping ten pounds. We heard the heartbeat again, too. This time the doppler picked it up instantly- 140 BPM. I got the okay to travel to D.C. for my sister's wedding five weeks before my due date, as long as no complications arise between now and then.
And now for some long awaited belly shots... hmm, it sounds like something you'd do on Spring Break! Please excuse my lack of photography skills.

Here's me at 11 weeks:

and now at 18 weeks:


Maria D. said...

you have such a pretty baby belly.

cdsbutterfly said...

So cute. Take lots. You'll want them for later.

LCP said...

isn't it crazy how quickly it grows. One minute you are saying you don't have a belly at all and when am I going to show, then all of a sudden, like overnight...boom, it is there. You have such a cute baby belly!!

audreybreier said... look so cute! Take lots of pictures! I'm so glad I took tons of pictures during my pregnancy!