Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall is in the Air

Normally I don't go more than one week without posting, but this past week was crazy busy. On Monday I had an adoption conference to attend in Harrisburg, Tuesday night I had to teach an Independent Living class to a group of foster kids, Wednesday I worked all day on a child profile for a girl who's up for adoption, early Thursday morning one of my clients ran away from his foster home so I had to deal with that the majority of the day, Friday I was catching up on paperwork, and Saturday I taught a parent training class. I am so glad this week is over!! I love weekends, where I can kick back and relax with my family and enjoy doing a whole lot of NOTHING.

I'm loving this cooler weather; when it's just chilly enough outside to need a jacket and there are multicolored leaves scattered about on the ground, crunching under foot. The trees are so beautiful this time of year. It always makes me nostalgic for my childhood days of jumping in leaf piles, going apple & pumpkin picking, and trick or treating. Speaking of Halloween, my mother-in-law made Colton an adorable Eeyore costume! He hasn't worn it yet, so I don't have pictures but I'll post them soon.

Gregg's parents came into town for a quick visit last Sunday after spending the weekend in North Carolina with Gregg's sister and her family. They took us out to Ruby Tuesday's and gave Gregg his birthday gift, since his b-day was on the 9th. They were so amazed at how much bigger Colton had gotten since they saw him last. At their last visit, he was only a week old.

It seems like he daily outgrows his clothes. He is still such a good baby, eating and sleeping wonderfully. We've tried to get him on a schedule, and he's done great with it so far. Although lately, he doesn't go down at nighttime as easily as before. He used to take his last bottle around 7 or 8, I'd do a diaper change and change him into his jammies, and he'd go right down. Now he'll fuss for about twenty minutes after his bottle and want to be rocked a while before he goes to sleep. Last night after his bath, he fussed while I was holding him and eventually dozed off in my arms. I tiptoed up the stairs and put him in the crib. Not five minutes later, he started screaming and wouldn't stop until I fed him another 2 oz. and rocked him in the glider.

What's really cool though, is that Colton didn't wake up until 7 this morning. And he slept until 7am yesterday, too. He knows how much his mama likes her sleep. :) He tries now to put his whole fist in his mouth, and gets frustrated when it won't fit! It's so cute. The other day he giggled for the first time. Gregg was making funny faces and noises at him, and a giggle came out. Colton is also moving around a lot more. Many mornings, I'll find him facing the opposite way of how I placed him in the crib the night before. He is starting to get very active, and very vocal. Sometimes I think he's trying to talk!

We don't have much planned for today. We'll probably stick to our regular Sunday evening routine of eating leftovers in front of the tv and watching football. Then it's back to another week of work. Whoo hoo.


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Maria D. said...

It's so wonderful when baby hits the stage where they get into a good sleeping groove! Enjoy it!