Friday, August 12, 2011

Summertime and the Livin' is Busy

I'm finally getting around to posting after almost two months. To say this summer has been busy would be an understatement. We moved into our house at the end of June. It is so much bigger than our condo and we're only paying $100 more in rent. I love that Colton has a playroom and a backyard to run around in. We unpacked and settled in pretty quickly. There's definitely more to clean, but I'm enjoying the extra space!

I've also been busier than usual with MOMS Club since being elected Vice President at the beginning of July. I'm responsible for coordinating service projects and finding speakers for our monthly meetings, as well as attending the board meeting once a month. It is incredibly rewarding and we have a wonderful executive board this year who has a lot of great ideas and focus.

Of course, I'm just busy daily taking care of a soon-to-be three year old and growing his baby sister inside of me. I'm now 31 weeks pregnant and feel like "Large Marge". I get pain in my lower back, hips, legs, and feet frequently. I'm also feeling Braxton Hicks at least once a day, usually in the evening. Baby Girl is moving around almost all the time, mostly at night when I'm lying in bed. It sometimes feels like she's trying to kick or punch her way out. I've started going to the doctor every two weeks and will until my 36th week, when I begin going every week until my due date.

The nursery is starting to fill up with stuff. Two Saturdays ago, my mom and sister threw a "sprinkle" for me and I ended up with a ton of super cute girl clothes. She is going to be one well dressed baby! The crib and dresser are being ordered at the end of this month, courtesy of both sets of grandparents. I'm excited for her arrival, yet also apprehensive about the changes that will take place in our family. I wonder how in the world I'm going to take care of two children. It seems like one is hard enough.

I know I'm not going to go through this alone, however. I have plenty of support from my friends in the MOMS Club, several of whom just recently had their second child. My sister is also pregnant and due in January so our babies will be two or three months apart (depending on whether she delivers early again)! It will be really awesome if she also has a girl.

Colton turns three on Sunday, and we're having about 50 people here tomorrow for his birthday party. After cleaning the house and filling goody bags for 18 children, I am exhausted. I'm looking forward to it though. Colton is excited to have his friends over to "have cake and sing the cake song (Happy Birthday to You)". I can't believe my little boy is going to be three! It feels like just yesterday that he was a tiny newborn. Now he's speaking in paragraphs and using the big people potty. I don't know where the time went…

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Maria Delgado said...

Glad to see a post!I have gotten so behind on blogging myself. :)