Friday, April 18, 2008


Warmer weather is finally here!! It is a gorgeous day today; high 70's and sunny. It was the perfect day to leave work early and have lunch at Panera with my friend Ruthann and her two year old daughter. Weather like this reminds me of my childhood- playing outside in the backyard with my sister on the swingset, attending outdoor concerts where we'd always get Italian Ice (and proceed to dribble it all down the front of our shirts), riding bikes around the neighborhood, etc. Ah, the carefree days of my youth.

This past weekend was beautiful as well. Okay, Saturday was at least. Gregg and I decided to hit the outdoor outlets in Hagerstown, MD for the afternoon. My husband isn't much of a shopper, but he endured with me. I still had a gift card left over from Christmas to a store of my choosing, so I bought a couple of shirts and a pair of capris from Motherhood Maternity. I was tempted to get more, but I was good! They have a lot of really cute outfits there. Gregg had to hold me back from going into Carter's or The Children's Place and buying everything in those stores, too.

Sunday, after church and lunch at Cracker Barrel, I relaxed for the rest of the afternoon with What to Expect When You're Expecting. I read the Sixth Month chapter since that happens to be just around the corner, then skipped ahead to the part about Labor & Delivery. Let me just say, labor is a lot more involved than I was originally thinking. It doesn't sound so painful as just absolutely exhausting, physically and emotionally. Like running a 14 hour marathon non-stop. It's good to be informed though. Gregg and I are planning on signing up for a childbirth class so we are even more prepared (as prepared as we can be). Should be interesting and eye opening!

This week was the first time I've felt really crummy during my pregnancy. I know, boo hoo for me, right? My back ached pretty bad and I felt bloated and constipated to the point where I thought I was going to pass a stone. I guess that stuff happens when your uterus is crowding out the rest of your internal organs. It's now about half an inch above my belly button. My baby boy has been very active lately. Making his presence known undeniably with every swift kick and jab. I love feeling him move inside me.

I think I went through another belly growth spurt this past week. Looking in the mirror last night, I couldn't believe how I big I've gotten. It's hard to imagine getting much bigger, but I know it's going to happen. Gregg affectionately calls me "Miss Pregnant Pants". He thinks I'm starting to "expand" pretty fast now.

Speaking of which, here's my 22 week shot:


audreybreier said...

You look SO cute!! Don't you just love being pregnant? I so hope I'm joining in with the pregnant ladies soon :) It's amazing how one week you can be barely showing and the next week it's like your stomach has just all of a sudden popped out. It's so cute though and you look adorable!

Angelarae said...

You look so cute! Almost makes me want to consider getting pg.....almost ;) haha

Maria D. said...

What a pretty tummy.