Thursday, April 03, 2008


Today marks the halfway point in my pregnancy. I can't believe how quickly these first twenty weeks have sailed by. Only 20 more to go!

Tomorrow morning first thing is our ultrasound!! I'll be posting with the gender results afterwards. :) I have been looking forward to this day since we learned I was pregnant. It's like Christmas, my birthday and wedding day all rolled into one.

I could use a big reminder of the love and awesomeness of God. I've been feeling beat up by the world lately, overwhelmed, stressed out. Wondering how to balance of all life's responsibilities. I had a pretty craptastic day at work today. And I've been trying to do it on my own strength instead of in God's; no wonder I feel burnt out. One of the most important things I want to teach to my child is to hold onto Jesus, but I need to exemplify this in my own life.

There is a beautiful song by Erin O'Donnell called, appropriately, "Hold Onto Jesus" which has always been a favorite of mine but has been playing in my head more frequently since I found out that I'm going to be a mother. The songwriter wrote it for her daughter, wishing to convey to her not to put her hope and trust in the things of this world but to cling to Jesus, in all circumstances. How I long to convey this to my unborn child. How God must long to convey this to me.

I am looking forward to catching a very detailed glimpse at the amazement of His creation, in the features of our tiny, 20 week old baby. The place where we're having the diagnostic ultrasound is allowing us to bring a CD that they can download the images onto, so we'll be able to share them with friends and family. Prior to the exam, I must consume three 8oz glasses of fluid. I am not looking forward to that. A pregnant woman and a full bladder is not a good combination. Oh well, it will all be worth it!

"You can have all this world,
but give me Jesus".

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