Friday, April 04, 2008

Drumroll Please...

IT'S A BOY!!!!!

We've got the "money shot" to prove it. :) The whole ultrasound was just amazing. We could see our baby from every angle- head, feet, arms, legs, spine, stomach, heart. The sonographer was awesome. She explained what everything was and what she was looking for. The image on the ultrasound machine appeared on a small tv mounted on the wall in front of us, so I didn't have to strain my neck to see anything. Baby Boy kept flipping over and putting his hand in front of his face. It was so cute.

This morning I downed a bottle and a half of water as I was supposed to, and did okay until the tech started pressing down hard on my bladder. She let me go potty halfway through the exam, though, before moving on to check my cervix. Then she went back to examining the baby and got some incredible pictures of him in 3D. He is so adorable!! Gregg took the CD that we brought to work with him afterwards to rip the pictures so they can be posted online.

I am on cloud nine right now. I'm very relieved, too, that everything is fine and healthy with our little guy. He's actually measuring 6 days ahead of my due date, which might be changed from the 21st to the 15th. I called my mom as soon as I got home and she was very happy. She can't wait to see the roll of pictures I have.

I was not surprised at all to learn we're having a boy. I've had a feeling all along. My mother, sister and mother-in-law all said it was a boy. One of the foster moms I work with said it was going to be a boy because of the way I'm carrying. I did a couple of those gender predictor tests just for fun, and they both said: boy! So Gregg was wrong. He is still very proud and happy though. I can't wait to meet our son in only a few more months!


Amy said...

Congrats I am very happy for you!!!

erin said...

Congratulations Marisa!! That is wonderful news and I'm so glad things are developing well and that Baby Boy is healthy. :)

Lots of love,

And Baby Makes Three said...


A little boy!! Congratulations to you and your the fun begins...buying all things blue!

LCP said...

Yeahhhhh!! Congrats. How exciting. Only 7-more weeks until we can find out. That is exciting...I remember that day with my first born, cloud nine, defintly.

audreybreier said...

Congratulations!! Boys are SO much fun! You will have a blast! I really hope to be joining you on the pregnancy journey soon :)