Friday, May 09, 2008


Wow, 25 weeks and I'm feeling HUGE! Gregg jokes that he can barely put his arms around my belly anymore. :) Last Friday, we went to our friends Dave & Theresa's for dinner and enjoyed a wonderful lasagna, toasted garlic bread, fresh fruit salad, and homemade brownies with ice cream. I can't remember ever feeling that full before. I don't know how women in their latter months of pregnancy possibly eat that much. It felt like my tummy was going to bust!

I'm now at that point where total strangers are asking me when I'm due. A few days ago, someone asked how much longer I had and I seriously thought he was referring to how many more hours I had left at work that day (duh, baby brain kicking in). The guy got a little scared, as if he made a mistake. He paused before saying, "Um, no. I mean, when are you due?" "Oh, the end of August" was my brilliant reply. I should have said, "What are you talking about? I'm not pregnant!" There's really no hiding it now though.

The invitation for my sister's wedding came in the mail yesterday. I can't believe my little sis is getting married in just two months. I can't believe I'm going to be a mother in just three! I'm starting to get panicky about all the stuff we have yet to do before the baby's born. I always envisioned I'd be more on top of things, but I feel like the weeks are flying by faster than I can realize another one's gone by.

This weekend we're celebrating Mother's Day by traveling to New Jersey, to visit our moms (aka Grandma B and Grandma S). We're going to take my mother out for dinner on Saturday night and then spend part of Sunday with Gregg's family, when the guys will treat the women. That will probably be our last trip up there before the baby comes, because it's a four hour drive, and it's not the best idea for me at this stage to sit in a car for that long. Speaking of being uncomfortable, I hear our comfy reclining couch calling my name...

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