Friday, May 02, 2008


We had another ultrasound this morning! The sonographer took measurements of the baby and he's doing growing right on schedule- actually a little ahead of schedule. He's measuring at 24w5d and weighs 1 lb 11 oz already. Our little guy was a bit camera shy, and wouldn't let the tech get too many close shots of his face. He kept putting his arms and hands up in front of his face, just like last time. Because he wasn't cooperating a whole lot, however, we got to see him in 4D much more than a month ago. Absolutely amazing.

Next, the sonographer checked the progress of my placenta since the doctor was slightly concerned it was too low. We'll find out what the status is at our next routine check-up on the 20th. She printed out a bunch more pictures for us to put in the baby album and downloaded a few images onto a CD.
I can't believe I'm nearly done with my second trimester. I'm already at 6 months! It still seems so far away until our son enters the world, but that countdown on the side of my blog is getting close to double digits. My belly appears to grow by the day now and it's becoming harder to bend down. It's a challenge to find tops that cover my entire tummy! My nails are growing faster than I can cut them, too, and my hair is the thickest it has ever been (which is good, because I've always had very fine locks).

Overall, pregnancy is treating me well. I am truly blessed with this little miracle God has given to us. I could already see my baby boy's personality developing on the ultrasound screen, and think about the kind of person he'll grow up to be often. I daydream about holding him in my arms for the first time and wonder what features of mine and Gregg's he'll have. For now, he still remains "nameless" as we continue to discuss what we should name him. We each have our favorites, and a "compromise name" picked out, but nothing is settled yet. 16 more weeks to decide!

24th week shot:


LCP said...

Look at those pics...awwee. Can't wait for our next u/s.

Glad everything is coming along nicely, including that belly. But this is the stage I love, becuase you have a cute pg belly, but aren't so huge that you are miserable!!

Enjoy, have a good weekend.

Maria D. said...

very sweet picture!

audreybreier said...

So sweet!! I can't wait to go through all this again. You look adorable! I'm glad everything is going great with your pregnancy. I loved being pregnant and I can't wait to be pregnant again :)