Thursday, May 22, 2008

27 Weeks

Hello, third trimester! I can't believe I'm here already. Just three short months away from welcoming my son into the world. I'm amazed at how large my belly has become. I promise to post a picture soon... the batteries in our digital camera are completely dead and I don't have any to replace them with! Baby Boy seems to be moving around all the time now. Yesterday I thought he was doing a headstand on my bladder. Yet another side effect of this latter stage of pregnancy- having to go potty at least ten times a day.

I feel such joy when I think about what life will be like with our little guy. All the things we'll experience with him, share with him, teach him. I know the first few months will be hectic, but I'll want to enjoy every minute of them. I try to think of such things when life gets stressful and busy, reminding myself that I am incredibly blessed by a loving God.

Now I must get back to the task of folding laundry so we can easily pack up our things tomorrow afternoon for our long weekend. I can't wait!!


Christine said...

Looks like it's time to change your "I'm in my 2nd trimester" blinky to one about being in your 3rd! Congrats, hopefully your pregnancy will continue to be smooth sailing pretty much all the way!

audreybreier said...

Congrats on being in your 3rd Trimester! You're getting close the end and your little boy will be here so soon!

I'm so excited to be going through all this again and I'm sure before I even realize it, I'll be going into my 3rd trimester, too!