Saturday, June 07, 2008


Yesterday we had another doctor's appointment, and surprise! It was raining out, as usual. I found out I've gained three pounds since our last visit. After seeing the number, I said to Gregg, "Yikes!" So far my weight gain is right on target, but the number still freaked me out a little. The results of the blood sugar test came back normal, and everything else looked good. Heartbeat is in the 140s and I could hear it much louder & clearer than before.

The only downside to our appointment is that we found out the doctor we've been seeing for the past several visits, who we really like, is moving to Las Vegas at the end of June. The practice still has three other OBGYN's and three midwives on staff who rotate seeing patients, so I wouldn't necessarily have had this particular doctor deliver me, but now she won't be there at all. We go back for another checkup on the 20th.

We are seriously having a heatwave here. Temperatures have been in the high 80s during the last couple of days, and it's going to be in the mid-90s from today until Tuesday. Yay. With the need to stay cool and hydrated over the next few months, I got one of those 52 oz. water bottles with a sippy straw that I can carry along with me. It has a removable ice pack thing to keep the liquid cold throughout the day. Last night we ran some errands after dinner, and it was starting to get difficult keeping up the pace with Gregg. I kind of just waddled around the store. While he went into Target, I just stayed in the car with the A/C on full blast and waited for him to come out.

Baby Boy is really starting to pack a punch now. Sometimes it feels like he's trying to come out of my stomach! I can't believe I'm only 11 weeks away from my due date. Gregg and I were discussing last night how it's been almost six months since we found out we were expecting, and time has just flown by. Our son will be here before we know it!!

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Shelly said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! This heat we are having here in PA is miserable, yesterday was awful and today its supposed to be worse so I think I will hang out at the pool today.