Sunday, June 08, 2008

Making Room for Baby

We spent the majority of this weekend preparing the nursery. Gregg's parents came into town, armed with tools and supplies, to help us work on the room. Saturday morning my mother-in-law painted the bottom half of each wall with the blue color we picked out. After taping down the baseboards and doing the trim, the job went pretty quickly. After lunch, Gregg and his dad assembled the crib that my in-laws bought for us. Then his mom and I put up the wallpaper border, which really tied everything together.

I love the way it turned out. It's absolutely perfect! After we were done, I stood back to admire the room and could picture our baby in it. Words can't even describe how wonderful I felt. Now I am even more excited than ever for him to arrive! My MIL also brought the cradle Gregg slept in as a baby, and was up early this morning sewing new bumpers for it. It's really all starting to come together now.

Here are some pictures:
The first stage

Is there enough blue in this room?

A close-up of the Winnie the Pooh border, with baby's first toys in the crib

The finished project, and the tired but happy soon-to-be parents!


amy said...

oh what beautiful pics!

Amy said...

THe room looks very cute!!!