Saturday, July 19, 2008

Baby Shower Surprises

Last Saturday, Gregg and I traveled to New Jersey for what I thought was a bridesmaid dress fitting. The dress fitting was going to be at my mother-in-law's, then we would head over to my mom's for a visit and pick up the changing table she got us. As we pulled up to Gregg's parents' house, I saw about a dozen cars parked outside on the street and asked Gregg, "Is your mom having a party?" Hello!!!

My MIL opened the door and led me into the living room where a group of friends and family were gathered. Relatives of Gregg's, along with my mom, sister, and step-sister were there and my friend Beth who I haven't seen in nearly a year, who's also pregnant and due in October with her third child. I couldn't believe my sister made the trip when she's getting married this weekend. The look of surprise on my face must have been priceless. I really had no idea!

The room was very cutely decorated with baby clothes, hung on a clothesline and draped on pictures, balloons, and blue confetti. I got so many nice things- tons of outfits, bath stuff, toys, changing accessories. The chair I sat in as the guest of honor was actually the glider I had registered for, which Gregg's parents bought us.

I was so overwhelmed with people's generosity. We got two bedding sets and mobiles for the crib by mistake, so we went out that evening to Babies 'R Us and exchanged them for some other stuff we needed. We stayed overnight and had leftovers from the shower with Gregg's extended family the next day. It was quite the game of tetris to play in order to get all of the presents, our suitcase, and yes even the dog, to fit in the back of our minivan.

Somehow, Gregg managed to stack everything just right and we got back home a little after 7pm Sunday. He brought the stuff into the living room and it sat there until the next day, though I couldn't wait to begin putting it all away in the nursery. Gregg did get to assembling the swing and bouncer while I relaxed on the couch.

The next evening, my husband put together the changing table and I started filling it with diapers and wipes. On top next to the changing pad, we put the wipe warmer and a small basket of baby powder, lotions, and rash cream. Now that the changing table and glider have been added to the nursery, it's pretty much ready for Baby B! I still need to hang a few pictures and make up the crib. Oh, and go through about a zillion little onesies, body suits, & jammies and put those away. I love going in the nursery and looking at everything. It's so cozy and just perfect. Sometimes I'll catch Gregg in there admiring it, too. :)

On Wednesday, I was surprised again with a shower at work. My supervisor told me a few weeks ago that we were going to have a training that morning, and I didn't suspect a thing. I was actually annoyed because I needed to change my schedule around so that I could attend! Gregg was in on the surprise also. Again, I was floored by everyone's thoughtfulness and the amount of stuff we got. Between the two showers last week, we have practically everything we need now for "Bubba". He really made out like a bandit.

Before the shower Wednesday, I had another prenatal appointment. Everything continues to go very well. I gained five pounds in one week! That brings my total weight gain to a whopping 35 pounds so far. Bubba is still in a feet first position, and the doctor said if he doesn't turn by my next appointment on the 31st, they may either try to manually turn him around (ouch!) or schedule a C-section. I hope he turns because I don't want a Cesarean (I don't think any woman does), but really I just want him to be healthy.

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amy said...

What wonderful friends and family!!

Congrats on your pending arrival!