Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tales of a Pregnant Matron of Honor

Well, I made it. I survived being 35 weeks preggo in the middle of July as my sister's MOH. It was hot. It was humid. But I'm still here to tell about it.

The wedding was really beautiful; very simple yet elegant. My sister looked gorgeous. The dress I wore was amazingly comfortable and fit me great. A lot of people commented to me on how I look "all baby", and a few said I'm going to go early. Yeah, we'll see. Here is the run down of how the weekend went:

It only took us about two hours to get to D.C. on Friday afternoon. We arrived just at check-in time (3pm) and the rehearsal wasn't slated to begin that evening until 6pm, so we went up to our room and relaxed before hailing a cab to the church where we met up with the rest of the wedding party. We did three run-throughs which took the whole hour. Afterwards, my mom, my sister, and myself piled into Rebecca's (one of the bridesmaids) tiny car and sped to the rehearsal dinner site while everyone else walked over. I was pretty worn out by then and didn't really enjoy dinner. The food itself was good, but the restaurant was so loud I could barely hear myself think and my neck & back were killing me.

When Gregg and I got back to the hotel, and we went straight upstairs to the room to get ready for bed. I didn't fall asleep too easily, though. I think I must have woken up about twenty times that night, due to having difficulty finding a comfortable position in bed and hearing the non-stop sirens blaring through the streets below. The hotel was located right smack dab in the middle of everything, which was convenient but also very noisy. It didn't have its own parking garage attached to the building, so who knows where the valets actually put all of the cars. We all got a steeply discounted rate for staying there, but admittedly it was a bit crapulent.

The next day I opted out of the extras before the ceremony, like the bridal brunch and getting my hair done at the salon (which was a four block walk from the hotel). Gregg & I ventured out to find breakfast that morning, thinking we would find a little cafe or something nearby. Ha. The nearest place was two and a half blocks away. I barely made it. The heat was ridiculously oppressive. I spent the rest of the day indoors and relied on Gregg to bring me a sandwich so I'd have something to eat before leaving for the church. I joined up with the girls later in my sister's suite to have my makeup done by Rebecca, then went back to my room to quickly throw on my dress and do something with my hair.

An hour later I was making my grand entrance down the aisle, trying to stay balanced and poised so as not to trip. Humpty Dumpty did not have a great fall, thank goodness. After the ceremony began, I sat in a chair that had been set up for me until it was time for the bride and groom to walk out. I felt slightly foolish, however I reminded myself that it was pretty obvious I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant, and no one would think badly of me. We took a cab over to the reception after pictures and got something to eat at the cocktail hour.

Right before the wedding party was to walk in, the DJ mentioned something about the best man and matron of honor giving their toasts after the first dance. I was not planning on giving on a toast, and hadn't recalled being asked (my sister blamed it on my baby brain), but I thought okay whatever, I'll do it. I have no idea what I said, but everyone told me it was lovely. The rest of the evening was kind of a blur. I couldn't really dance, so I was mostly glued to my chair for the next several hours except for getting up occasionally to take pictures. Gregg and I ended up leaving the reception early and heading straight to bed. Yup, we were the life of the party let me tell ya. We left this morning around 11am, stopping at Waffle House somewhere in Maryland for a late breakfast.

I'm very glad that I was able to participate in the wedding and see my sister get married. I'm also really glad to be home. Being as huge as I am, I just didn't feel "normal". I felt left out in a lot of ways, because I simply couldn't do a lot of the things I'd otherwise do with no problem. I know it meant a lot to Valerie just for me to be there, though.

Now that the wedding is behind me, I can really focus on getting ready for Bubba's arrival. Only three more weeks of work before maternity leave starts. It can't come fast enough. I feel like work has become so cumbersome. I'm trying to wrap up what I can and make sure my charts are in order before transferring all my cases, but instead of winding down, more stuff gets dumped on me that I need to take care of. I'm trying remember to take it one task at a time, and not allow myself to become overwhelmed. 8.8.08 is almost here!!

After a hard day's night:


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You look stunning in that picture!

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You look great!