Monday, January 26, 2009

An Afternoon Out

This weekend, Gregg and I went out alone for the first time together since Colton was born. Gregg's company sponsored an employee outing to a men's college basketball game, and we dropped Colton off at my in-law's on our way. Before the game which was held at the newly built Prudential Center, home to the NJ Devils, we enjoyed a nice buffet lunch in a private VIP area. Not only did they provide lunch and the free tickets, they also gave each employee $20 to spend at the concession stand.

Just before 2pm we made our way down to our seats, only a few rows away from the court. I didn't pay much attention to the game, except for the last several minutes of the second half. It actually got pretty exciting towards the end, and Seton Hall ended up beating Georgetown 65 to 60. Even though I wanted to, I refrained from checking in on Colton until we got back to the car. He did really well the whole afternoon, which I was very happy about. I had been a little concerned because lately he doesn't want to be with anyone other than me or Gregg. My MIL said that he finished everything she gave him to eat, took two naps, and hardly cried. When we arrived at their house, I took him from my FIL right away and showered him with lots of kisses.

Even though I missed my Coltie, I'm really glad Gregg and I could enjoy a day out. We needed to spend some time alone and reconnect as a couple, without the baby's screams interrupting our conversations. I'm also glad I was able to meet so many of my husband's co-workers. He comes home every night and tells me all about his day and who did what, and it's nice to put faces to names. I also feel a little more included in his "world" now. Since I started staying home full-time, I've felt somewhat disconnected from the rest of the working population.

Gregg is really happy with this new job, and after meeting the people he works with, including the VP and president of the company, I feel even more confident that this is a great place for him. The employee event they put on yesterday was so different than either of us are used to. We're familiar with the (sorry) cheapness of the two churches Gregg has recently worked for, who would hesitate to spend money on a new box of pens. Okay, I'm exaggerating of course. But the difference is quite staggering. At both Covenant and King Street, my husband had to share office space with another staff member. The fact that he might actually need his own office to do his job efficiently was an afterthought. Where he works now, they are completely redoing his office- they've cleaned the carpet, painted, and ordered new furniture. He was even asked what kind of artwork he wants hung up on the walls. Gregg finally feels valued and respected as an employee with a company who desires to do things the right way.

In Colton news, my little boy has become very interested in exploring the world around him. He stares at the dog while she's gnawing on a chew toy and then follows her with his eyes when she walks away. He gets all happy when she comes up close to him. He must think she's a giant stuffed animal. Colton also gets excited when the music starts playing on the car tray attached to his walker. He hasn't quite caught onto the fact that he can make the music go by pressing different buttons yet. He'll flail his arms and legs as if trying to dance and shriek very loudly. It's so cute (and ear piercing!)

He also likes when I sing to him, and it's not because I have such an incredible singing voice. Whether it's an old nursery rhyme or the latest pop song, he gets a kick out of my attempts to perform for him. I've usually found that whenever he's crying about something, a rendition or two of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" can distract him long enough for me to finish changing his diaper or preparing his bottle.

Here are some pictures (of course!) of Colton's daily activities:

Keeping a watchful eye on Tess

He fell asleep playing with a toy... it looks like he's praying here!

My little cutie- nice drool, huh? Don't worry, he usually does wear a bib.

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