Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Updates (Creative Title, Right?)

Guess what I'm wearing right now? My favorite pair of pre-preggo jeans!! That's right, I tried them on the other morning and they actually fit. They had been relegated to my bottom dresser drawer since last March. So I have a little secret to confess: I've been wearing maternity jeans all this time. (Hanging my head in shame). After having Colton, my tummy is a lot less toned than I'd like it to be. I haven't exactly done much to change that situation over the past six months, however.

I think I avoided trying on any pair of regular pants because I was resigned to the fact that I just wouldn't fit into them. But it was time to bite the bullet. I had grown too comfortable in jeans that didn't require buttoning or zipping, and there is a problem with that. So they're still a little tight and I still have several pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but they do fit and yes I can even sit in them!

Speaking of it being six months since Colton was born, I can't believe he's this old already. Every day he looks less baby and more boy. When I put him in a sitting position, he'll stay there for a little while until he leans too far forward and flops over onto his side. He's finally learned how to roll over. This morning I found him in the crib on his stomach, and he was whining for me to rescue him since he hates being on his tummy. I was so excited I called Gregg in to look before picking Colton up.

I think my little man is teething, too. He is drooling like crazy and chewing on everything he can get his hands on. He's also crankier than usual during the day and turning up his nose at being spoon fed. I've busted out the teething ring and book for him to gnaw on to soothe his gums. I know it could still take another month or two before that first tooth makes its appearance, so I hope Coltie isn't in too much discomfort.

In other news, we've had to replace our minivan recently. It crapped out on us two Fridays ago when Gregg was backing it into the driveway. He borrowed his mom's car to take back and forth to work while we explored our options for another vehicle. We ended up purchasing a 2005 Ford Freestyle, which is slightly smaller than a regular sized SUV. It still has plenty of room for a car seat and stowing, just no sliding doors that we both loved on the van because it made getting the baby in and out so easy.

Gregg had bought our van at auction last March with about 152,000 miles on it, and it was just supposed to be an "around the town" car. I was only commuting three minutes each way to work then too. All the trips back and forth to North Carolina and New Jersey last year, as well as Gregg's hour ride to work every day since January, took their toll on on our poor Windstar and it just gave out. We were hoping to get another few months out of it so we could save up more money to first buy a second car for me and then replace the van later.

So now I have to wait a little longer before I'll have a vehicle of my own to go around town with, which I'm bummed about. At least the weather will be getting warmer soon and I can take Colton for walks in the stroller, so we won't be cooped up in the house all the time. My friend Laura has also offered to pick me up on Wednesdays for the ladies' Bible study at church. She couldn't go this morning because one of her girls is sick, but since we still have my mother-in-law's car I went by myself. It was nice to get out and join other women for prayer & Bible teaching. Colton was really good in nursery, and everyone oohed and aahed over him. It was a bit of a struggle to carry him from the car to the church because he is getting so heavy. I think we'll be replacing his infant carrier with the bigger car seat by spring.

Well, it's time for me to get him up from his nap and feed him again! More pictures will be posted soon...

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And Baby Makes Three said...

congrats on getting into pre-preggo jeans...I know it's a big deal!!! and happy (belated) 6 month birthday sweet colton!