Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Baby Love

... isn't such a baby anymore.

This past Saturday while I was in Target, I had to shop for him in the toddler section already. How is that even possible? Didn't I just bring him home from the hospital in newborn size clothes that were falling off of him?

Colton has now been around as long on the outside of me as he was on the inside. And I think I love him a little bit more each month. Each month that passes brings new skills, new awareness, and more of his budding personality. His little brain is soaking up every new experience, word, and picture, and storing it away for the future.

While I delight in seeing him become more independent, it means every day he needs me a little less. He is totally capable of feeding himself, and would prefer to do so rather than me spoon feed him. The other night Colton basically ate what we were eating- meatloaf and mixed veggies. He actually quite enjoyed the meatloaf, and I was really surprised! I don't anticipate having any problems weaning him off the bottle in the next couple of months. I think he would rather drink from his sippy anyway.

Any day now I'm expecting him to say a real word. He sorta says "dada". Of course I start coaching him to say "mama", but it's harder for him to form the m sound. I love hearing him babble on.

Yesterday he discovered how to crawl backwards. He made it all the way from the living room to the kitchen and was covered in dog hair when I picked him up. (Oops, I guess I should do a better job of cleaning the floor!) This is the baby who hated being on his tummy?? Colton now mostly sleeps on his stomach. I always put him to sleep initially on his back, but he flips over. When I go get him in the mornings or after naps, he has marks on his face from the crib sheet or a hand print.

He has reached that weird in-between stage where he's definitely no longer a helpless infant, but he's not quite a big boy yet. As I was choosing clothes for the him the other day, I kept wanting to veer towards all the adorable baby outfits, but had to stop and remind myself that he's already outgrown anything he could wear in that category. Yup, Colton's come a long way from that teeny tiny newborn I first met in hospital room #575 on a mid-August day.

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Sarah said...

I love the backwards crawl...I forgot that Claire used to do that too! Watch out momma, it won't be long and he'll be cruising all over the place--forward!
And jeez, he is a handsome little guy ( :