Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Count Your Blessings

Today I find myself counting little, but special blessings. Last night was our small group, and Gregg originally wasn't going to make it because they switched worship rehearsal nights from Thursday to Tuesday this week. As I was simultaneously whipping up brownies (since it was our turn to bring snack) and trying to keep an eye on the boiling pot atop the stove, I asked him when he had to leave. He said that he didn't have to go to rehearsal anymore, so he could come with me, yay! I was so glad- I really didn't want to be there without him.

We went and had a great discussion on the assigned chapter in Sacred Marriage on respecting your spouse, and good conversations afterwards. A new couple, who just moved here from Ohio, came to the group for the first time. After prayer requests, I served up the brownies and the leftover bread pudding I had made the day before. Everyone raved about how good the pudding was, and I actually didn't think it turned out that great. Cathy asked to keep some of it and we ended up just leaving the whole pan with them, saying we'd get it next week.

Tomorrow night Gregg is leaving straight from work for a Tech Expo in Clearwater. He'll be home sometime late on Saturday, which means I'll have the house to myself for two nights. I never like it when he goes away, but I am looking forward to having time to get a thorough cleaning of our house done (okay, I sound like a total dork, but it really needs it) b/c I don't do house chores on Saturdays anymore since that's our only mutual day off together. Obviously I'll do other things besides clean, like take time for me.

I love my husband and will miss him, but when my whole life revolves around another person and always thinking: "what am I going to make for dinner and does he have clean underwear/jeans/shirts for tomorrow?" it'll be nice for a few days just do things for myself, watch what I want to, paint my toenails, who knows? The sky is the limit (ha ha). I know by the time I crawl into bed tomorrow night, I'll be missing him like crazy. I hate going to bed without him. :( That's the worst part. It makes me that much more grateful he was able to attend small group because we won't be together these next three days.

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cdsbutterfly said...

I hope the time flies while Gregg is gone and you get your house cleaned.