Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Weekend Recap

Fall is finally here in Florida!! It's in the 60s today and blustery. I actually had to break out my jacket this morning because it was 50 something degrees when I left the house. My hair is as flat as a pancake right now- ah, how I miss those days. A dramatic change from the weekend, which was in the upper 80s and humid.

Speaking of the weekend, we had a pretty good one, considering all of the recent drama that's been unfolding. Friday night we went to the movies with some friends and out for ice cream afterwards. The movie that we saw is a Christian film called "Facing the Giants" and it is AMAZING. This young couple deals with fear and failure, struggles with infertility, and experiences the life changing power of God in their lives and in others'. My synopsis doesn't do it justice. I'll just say go see it, and make sure you bring your tissues!

Saturday was the church picnic. We showed up around 11 and found shelter from the blaring, hot sun in the shade along with the other adults who didn't have kids that were playing on the rides. We got something to eat, then I had to go monitor the kiddie pool for half an hour. The kids were splashing each other and water was going everywhere, but it felt refreshing. By 1:30, I was exhausted from the heat so we went home and I got my homework for the crown class done. Then I checked up on my favorite blogs and surfed the internet for a while. Gregg made dinner for us- on the grill, of course- and then we headed out to Walmart to buy milk and get my prescription for bc refilled. The pharmacy had already closed though, so we just went straight to the back to find the milk and passed by the baby section on the way. We'd been talking about getting a baby gate to close off the hallway to the dog while we're gone during the day and we finally broke down & bought one. Of course, I couldn't resist checking out all the adorable (and expensive) baby stuff while we there!

It turns out the gate was well worth the money, because while we were out Tess got into the bathroom garbage, went into our bedroom & chewed up the remote for the tv in there and also Gregg's glasses (which we incidently didn't find until just last night. We knew they were missing, but she had taken them into the living room and they got stuck under the couch). In our haste to leave, we had forgotten to close the bathroom and bedroom doors so naturally she got into trouble- again. We punished her, cleaned up the mess and promptly put up the baby gate. Problem solved.

Sunday was... difficult. To see a man who poured his life into the church for the past 25 years stand before the congregation, broken and defeated, was heartbreaking. He had trouble making it through his speech without dissolving into tears. People were stunned at his announcement and stayed in the sanctuary long after service was over, hugging each other and crying together. The whole scenario was very upsetting. The church is going to be reeling from the news for the next several weeks, trying to figure out where to go from here. There is a congregational meeting on November 12 so that we can vote whether to accept the resignation and have a forum where questions can be asked of the elders.

Gregg and I went home to have lunch and barely said anything. Even though we had had the chance to process everything a few days in advance, it was still really hard to be there and see how much this devastates our church. We talked to Gregg's parents and my dad that afternoon, then went back to Walmart for my bc and to buy a universal remote for both tv's. We just made waffles for dinner when we came home. After cleaning up and moving laundry around, I read the next chapter in Sacred Marriage for our small group this week and we watched 7th Heaven together. After a very emotionally taxing day, it felt good to be at home with the person I love the most, surrounded by comforting things.

Thanks for your prayers, ladies. I really appreciate them. Please continue to lift up our church during this difficult time.

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destinationbeautiful said...

I'm sorry to read you guys are going through this rough time. I said a prayer for you, Gregg, and your church today. Please keep us posted. I know it's never an easy thing when you lose your pastor. Hope today is going well. It is so nice to be able to read your blog again. :)