Monday, August 04, 2008


So on Saturday I had another surprise baby shower. You'd think because I just had those other two that I would have caught on to this one, but no. I was completely oblivious again.

That morning Gregg and I spent getting more of the nursery ready, as well as cleaning. I should have thought it odd that my husband wanted to get up so early on a Saturday to clean. While I vacuumed upstairs, he ran out to do an errand. (He really did; this part wasn't a cover). When he came back he told me friends of ours had called and invited us over for lunch. He said he'd tell them we could only stop by for a quick bite, since we had a lot of things to do yet that afternoon. I said okay, and started running the vacuum cleaner downstairs while I assumed he went to call them back.

When we pulled up to their house shortly after noon, I saw my mom's car parked outside. And my only thought at the time was- a Toyota Highlander that looks exactly like my mother's with Jersey plates, now that's weird. Is it the pregnancy, or am I just really that naive?

Not only did my mom come, but my sister as well. Even though she returned from her honeymoon only a few days before and still has an apartment full of wedding gifts to sort through. It was a wonderful surprise. I got more adorable outfits for Bubba to wear, along with toys, and the monitor set which was last on our list to purchase. My mother gave me a Willow Tree statue of a mother and baby, that we placed in the nursery on the window sill by the glider. The cake was made by our friend Theresa, who also hosted the party. It was beautifully decorated green and white, with baby Pooh characters. Afterwards, my mom and sister came over to our place to ooh and aah over the baby's room.

I wasn't even expecting one shower, and I ended up having three. I am so grateful to all of our family and friends for being so thoughtful!!

My last week of work before maternity leave is finally here. I've debriefed my co-workers on the cases that they're taking over for me, scheduled my visits for the week, and now I'm trying to wrap things up the best I can. I seriously cannot wait for this week to be over. Next week I plan to treat myself to a pedicure with the gift certificate Gregg got me for my birthday, go out for lunch with friends, and just relax & enjoy my last few baby-free days!

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Maria D. said...

How sweet! That is just great for them to do that for you!