Tuesday, August 05, 2008


This morning we met with the doctor who will be performing the Cesarean next week. Dr. Y., a petite, attractive Indian woman, did not have the bedside manner we're used to with the other doctors and midwives we've seen. She wasn't mean or cold; her professionalism just way overshadowed her ability to relate to me, the patient. I have no doubts about her surgical skills, but I do wish she was a bit more friendly and personable.

Anyway, she told us that they'll call the day before (on the 13th) with the time the C-section is scheduled and mentioned that I will be awake throughout the procedure (I assumed as much). She'll do an ultrasound beforehand to check whether the baby has turned. It's funny; I really, really wanted to have a vaginal birth. I was even going to try to do it without drugs. But now I'm content with the idea of having this C-section, and knowing pretty much right when we'll get to meet our little boy. Only 9 days to go!!!

Today happens to be Tess's birthday. Well, at least this is the anniversary of when we got her so we just say that it's her birthday. She's three. I wonder how old that makes her in dog years. Tess and Bubba will share the same birth month. She's been awfully curious about all the baby gack that's cluttering up the house. She'll go up to the bouncer or swing, and poke her nose at them. She cocks her head funny when the little toys make noise. We're sure she will be a great protective older "sister" when Bubba arrives, but it may take her a while to get used to the wrinkled new being taking up residence in our family.

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