Saturday, March 14, 2009

7 Months

I can't believe we're at the seven month mark already! Before I know it, I'll be sending out invitations for Colton's first birthday party.

It seems like his sixth month was a lot shorter than all the previous ones, just because he turned 6 months old in February and we always "get cheated" out of two days since it ends on the 28th. Nonetheless, Colton seemed to grow and develop more during his sixth month than any other.

Our little boy is now sitting up without assistance, which makes playtime so much more fun (for him and for me!). I dragged the Pack 'n Play out of the garage and set it up so he can sit in there and play to his heart's content. It's much softer (and safer) than spreading out a blanket on the rug in the living room and plopping him down. Colton has also become really good at reaching for and grabbing exactly what he wants. He's rocking his "Learning Toolbox" and gets really excited when he pulls the lever that plays all the music. That never seems to get old. To him anyway. I can't tell you how many times a day I've heard the Alphabet Song.

He loves to scoot around in his walker and chase Tess all over the house. He's getting pretty fast and can go from the dining room to our bedroom in no time. Colton adores the dog and shrieks with delight whenever she comes near him. She's a good sport and lets him pull on her ears and grab her fur. He also loves when Gregg plays Peek-a-boo with him and makes funny noises. He really likes the wind up to whatever noise comes next. Nothing can make him laugh like his daddy.

Colton's figuring things out during mealtime, too. I introduced him to the sippy cup and mostly he enjoys just chewing on the handles, but once in a while he does recognize that he needs to bring the spout up to his mouth in order to get the delicious juice inside. He also bangs it around on the table and highchair tray. So far he's tried Puffs, Cheerios, and those biter biscuits. He likes the biscuits best because they're easier to hold (and probably taste better). He can grab the other things, but rarely actually gets them in his mouth. They usually end up either stuck to his hand or on the floor.

He's still pretty even tempered, but he has started to assert his own independence. Especially during feedings. He insists on holding the spoon and has a mini- meltdown if you take the spoon away. So he gets one to play with, and I feed him with another. Colton will definitely let me know if he is finished eating or doesn't like what I'm trying to give him. The battle of the wills is beginning!

During this last month, he started moving around a lot more also. The baby bathtub now has to be used exclusively in the bathroom, because he'll kick water everywhere in the kitchen. He twists and turns on the changing table so much that it's hard to get his diaper on! Now I know why they made those changing pad straps. Oh, and Colton can also grab the tabs and pull them off now (not that he actually knows what he's doing yet). I always have to have a toy available to give him so that his hands are occupied. He puts up a fuss when I hold his feet together, too. Sorry, but that poo has to be wiped off somehow!

Colton has these little "conversations" with his toys. He was babbling considerably before, but now there's inflection in that babble. It is so adorable! But the biggest triumph of all... he can tolerate being on his tummy for at least twenty minutes!! So he may actually crawl someday after all. While on his tummy, Colton pushes himself up and reaches for toys. I am so proud of him. I'm excited to see what this next month has in store!

Playing on his tummy!

Sitting up in the Pack 'n Play.

Enjoying his yummy biscuit.

He was absolutely enthralled with the laundry basket one day. Who needs toys, right?

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