Friday, March 27, 2009

Colton Update, Part 3,576,899

After the last few somewhat heavy, deep posts I thought it was time to write about something a little more lighthearted. So that leads me to (what else)... Colton and what he's been up to lately!

I think he's beginning to understand the whole cause and effect thing. As in: when I cry, Mommy gives me a) a bottle, b) a new diaper, c) a binky, or d) cuddle time or attention. The other day he woke up from his nap early, and since it wasn't time for him to eat again yet and I wanted to finish getting some things done around the house, I put him down in the Pack 'n Play. After about a minute, Colton starts turning his head in my direction to make sure I'm watching him from the kitchen and then bursts into tears. This continues for another five minutes at least, until he realizes I'm not coming to get him and gives up and begins playing with his toys. Clever little boy.

For us to get through mealtime, I have to give him his own spoon to hold and play with. Somehow I manage to get spoonfuls of food into his mouth between him chewing on the other spoon and banging it around. It can be so frustrating. But I've figured out that he is just not that into rice cereal anymore. I don't blame him. I wouldn't be either. He'd rather smear it all over his face and the high chair tray. Colton is also getting the hang of his sippy cup much better. He'll grab one handle and drag it towards him, moving it around a little until the spout has made its way into his mouth.

Whoever thought that giving pureed meats to a baby was a good idea? I can assure you, they've never had to change my son's diaper after he's thoroughly digested that stuff. The smell is enough to peel the paint off of the walls. And what is with Colton screaming bloody murder when I'm cleaning his face with a wipe or washcloth, but it doesn't faze him when I am almost literally scraping the gunk off his behind??

At least he doesn't give me a hard time about naps or bedtime. Every day around noon, I'll rock Colton to sleep in the glider for his afternoon nap. It only takes about two minutes before he's completely out, then I put him down in the crib and he'll usually sleep for a couple of hours. My favorite part of the day is when he falls asleep in my arms that way; he's so warm and snugly that I could just take a nap right there with him! But I don't. I use that time to get some cleaning and laundry done, bah.

It looks like now he's actually kind of walking in the walker to get around, instead of just "pushing off". It is hilarious to watch him come speeding down the hallway towards me or the dog, smiling and squealing the whole way. I really have to get that on video sometime. Colton can also bear weight on his legs if you hold him in a standing position. I know he probably won't start standing up on his own for a few more months. Then we'll really have to baby proof!

Of course, what post would be complete without some pictures of the little guy??

Sitting on the table at Grandma's

He had a blast this morning playing with the near-empty carton of Silk.

Family photo time!

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