Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Winter, I'm Just Not That Into You

Snow, snow go away (and don't come back until next winter!!) Just when I think spring is around the corner, we get dumped with another several inches of snow and the temperature plummets to the teens. Ugh, I want to move back to Florida.

Winter woes aside, life is humming along nicely. Sometimes it feels like the weeks just fly by too fast. I can't believe Colton's going to be seven months old next Saturday. I am so proud of my little man, who is now sitting up all by himself! He finished trying all the Stage 1 foods a little while back, so now we've moved on to meats and bigger size jars of fruits and veggies. And the other day I gave him Cheerios for the first time. We also bought those Gerber Puffs for him to try, and today he finally got concept of picking them up and putting them in his mouth.

Colton is doing a little better at being on his tummy. He won't tolerate it for any significant length of time, but he doesn't freak out the minute I place him that way either. He is moving around so much these days, too. He scoots around real fast in his walker and twists and turns on the changing table. We've had to stop giving him baths in the kitchen because he kicks so much and gets water everywhere. I am amazed at how much he seems to be soaking up, from interacting with us and playing with his toys. I can really see him talking by the time he turns one (maybe a mother's wishful thinking?).

We finally made it for a visit to my mom and stepdad's over this past weekend. Since they're getting ready to put their house on the market, my mother is going through and getting rid of a lot of things. She gave me a bag of some stuff I still had in my old room, which included a couple of photo albums. I took a look at them yesterday and saw that there were photos of my senior prom, graduation from high school, and first day of college. I couldn't believe how skinny I was. I must have weighed 100 pounds back then, before I put on the "freshman fifteen" and had a baby. Life has changed so much since then. Some ways better, some not. I really do miss those more carefree days, when I didn't have as many responsibilities. But like most of us, I was in a big hurry to grow up.

Now I'm approaching 30 and have a kid of my own. Of course, I can't resist posting more pictures of him!

Colton's first attempt at the sippy cup. He didn't quite understand that he needed to put his mouth over the spout in order to get the juice.

I just wanted to post this one because I think it's so cute, and he really looks like a little boy here.


Angelarae said...

I'm so sick of winter! It was warm here yesterday and today's its freezing cold! I'm sick of it. I'm up for petitioning Mother Nature to get rid of winter for this year.

I think you should post some of your high school pictures :)

I can't believe Colton will be 7 months - wow!

And Baby Makes Three said...

I'm ready for winter to hit the road too!!! I can't believe how big he's getting...seems like just yesterday I was (trying) to calm your fears about a c-section!!!

Claire hated her tummy time as well; have you tried using the Boppy to prop him up under his arms? That way he's not flat on his stomach and can look around and still work those tummy muscles!