Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #8

Wow, February already. When I was younger, it was exceedingly difficult for me to spell this word. I’m sure I added “berry” onto the end on more than one occasion.

This month last year involved a lot of change for us. We were arranging for a moving truck, nailing down the details about buying a house and spending time with people we wouldn’t see for a long while. I began tying up all the loose ends at my job to make it a smooth transition for the person who would take my place. In the middle of all this, Gregg left for Miami on a week-long job for a previous employer. It could have been seen as the worst timing possible, but it promised to bring in a lot of money which we needed for the move and on his way down, he was able to meet with our realtor and check out the house we were buying.

This left me to continue the arduous process of packing up all of our earthly belongings. I sifted through years worth of stuff buried in closets and stuffed under the bed, and decided what came with us and what got chucked. Our living room gradually got filled with box upon box until there was no more space and the other rooms were equally as full, littered with all kinds of junk awaiting their designated carton.

The day before we loaded the moving truck, we got 2 feet of snow, a record snowfall for New York & New Jersey. It was quite the send off. That was also the day Gregg arrived back home. I worked through that Wednesday and the next day we cleaned the apartment like we had never cleaned before. That night we had our “last supper” with Gregg’s family. The next morning bright and early, we woke up, crammed the last of our things in the back of both cars and headed out, leaving behind everything we had known for the past 25 years.

As the anniversary of the “big move” approaches, I look back fondly on that time in which many life changes took place. It was the best decision we could have made. So without further ado, here's my

13 Things I Like About Living in Florida

1. The warm weather year ‘round. No more bitterly cold winters for me!
2. No state income tax. Thanks to tourist attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios, I get to keep more of my paycheck.
3. Super Walmart. Where else can you buy groceries, have the oil in your car changed, get a haircut and refill a prescription all at the same place? It makes life so much easier to do one-stop shopping.
4. Our close proximity to Disney World. We’re only an hour away from the greatest place on earth.
5. Affordable housing. When we left NJ the most affordable, half-way decent home was priced at $350,000. We bought ours here-fully renovated inside and out- for $169,000.
6. The particular city that we live in, which is a fairly new community. It’s very active and growing, and there’s always something to do.
7. The beach is a mere twenty minute drive from our house.
8. Lower cost of living.
9. We can actually see the stars at night. And my, how they're pretty.
10. Simpler lifestyle. People are more laid back here than they are up North.
11. All the moisture in the air, believe it or not. Not so great for my hair, but it keeps my skin from drying out like it did every fall and winter growing up.
12. The bright sunshine. They don't call it the Sunshine State for nothing!
13. It’s not New Jersey.

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Miranda said...

Sounds like a great place to live. Im planning on going to miami in summer.

Happy TT!!!

PJ said...

Florida sounds like a nice place, but I'm not sure how I'd feel about living in a warm climate all year round after living in London all my life.

Nancy J. Bond said...

I'm glad you like your new home state. This time of year, I'd love to be a "Snowbird". :) Happy TT!

PatentPrincess said...

Awwww, this is a T13 near and dear to my heart :) I love hearing what you like about my/our homestate and that Flamingo banner is great! Where did you get that?

I'm all about the state income tax, have grown to appreciate the weather now that I'm dealing with gross humid winter weather, and loved being near The Mouse himself. I am going back to FL for the summer after baby is born and I can't wait to be there again!


Chelle said...

Florida is a beautiful state and, I'm with you; humidity is a wonderful thing :)

The Rock Chick said...

We're going to have a high of 5 degrees here in Chicago on Monday...Florida sounds fabulous! I'm jealous..

Hopefully all the jumping around we will do after the Bears win the Super Bowl will keep us all warm!

Really enjoyed your list!