Tuesday, April 14, 2009

8 Months

Today my baby boy turns eight months old. He is definitely not a helpless little infant anymore.

He started feeding himself Puffs and Cheerios a couple of weeks ago and is now a pro at it. He can pick up his sippy cup in both hands with no problem and slurps the juice vigorously as it dribbles down his chin and onto his bib. Colton continues to grab the spoon away from me at the beginning of every mealtime. He loves waving it around and chewing on it, while I feed him with another. I think it may be time to introduce more finger foods because he doesn't seem too interested in eating what's offered on the spoon.

He can now pass an object from one hand to another effortlessly and understands that when a toy falls on the floor or rolls out of his sight, it hasn't disappeared. My little guy finds his binky after it's gotten lost somewhere in his crib and pops it back in his mouth. He's such a smarty.

He's begun protesting in the mornings and evenings when I get him dressed. He gets all worked up and it can be really stressful to change him in and out of clothes. As soon as I pick him up off the changing table, he's just fine and dandy though! Colton has certainly learned how to voice his opinion and say (in the only way he knows how) "I don't like that, Mommy!"

On the flip side, he has also learned how to show his affection by reaching out to touch mine and his daddy's faces. Sometimes he'll grab my cheek or hair just to see what will happen. I want to be mad at him because it really really hurts, but then he squeals and grins and I end up smiling too! He doesn't understand the word no yet. Sigh.

Colton's still getting over his cold from last week. He's got a runny nose, which is kinda gross, but sleeps through the night okay thanks to the makers of Vicks.

Here are some more cute pictures of him over the last month, including a couple from Colton's first Easter:

Who is the fairest baby of them all?

All dressed up for Easter Sunday

Checking out the Easter goodies he got from Grandma


Angelarae said...

8 months already?! My goodness (I think I said that at 7 months too....)

He's so big! I love his Easter outfit.

audreybreier said...

8 months...wow! Time flies! He is adorable!