Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Update and Pictures

Colton's "tummy troubles" from last week have improved a lot. After a few nights of me going in to put him on his back again and sticking the binky back in his mouth, he just learned to deal with being on his stomach. He only cried a little bit the past couple of nights when he found himself on his tummy, and then eventually he started sleeping through the night again. On Sunday morning I found him sleeping with his hands crossed, his face resting on his hands. It was so cute! He did roll over onto his back Sunday too, but hasn't done it since.

Later that afternoon while we were at Gregg's parents, it looked like Colton was going to start crawling. He didn't quite get the hang of getting his knees up under himself, though, and got frustrated and cried. It was time to eat lunch anyway, so we picked him up and put him at the table in his highchair. I'm not really worried whether he crawls or not. It's not even considered a milestone anymore now that the "Back to Sleep" program has been in effect. It would make me feel a little better if he does start, to just be more confident that he's headed in the right direction developmentally. On my August 2008 Mommies Forum at WTE, I've read that a lot of other babies Colton's age haven't started crawling yet either. Reading what other mothers have to say about various topics like feeding and napping makes me feel pretty confident that he's right on target for this stage. We're all trying to figure out this mommy thing together, and it's nice to know I'm not alone!

Other than that, things are going pretty well. Colton is eating and sleeping great. We had a bad thunderstorm last night, and he didn't even wake up. He's still more interested in eating stuff off his highchair tray than off the spoon. Yesterday and today he put both hands in his bowl of cereal and shoved fistfuls of the gooey mixture into his mouth. What a mess. Thankfully he's washable.

I haven't gotten around to calling anybody at the church yet to discuss my concerns about the nursery, since every time it crosses my mind I get distracted. Either a baby cries, or I think about all the one hundred other things that need my attention. We didn't go to church on Sunday. Instead, we slept until 8am (Colton too) and made pancakes for breakfast.

I'm looking forward to the weather being nice again this weekend. It's been gray and dreary the past few days, boo. Last weekend was gorgeous, in the 60s and 70s. On Saturday, we had my dad over for dinner. Gregg grilled up some steaks and I made some mashed potatoes & veggies to go with, as well as a cake for dessert.

Visits with my father are always... interesting. When we get together, he tells the same stories I've heard since I was born. All about his days as a plane mechanic in Vietnam, and how he fixed up the house I grew up in. My dad is retired and lives alone. He doesn't have many social engagements throughout the week and doesn't even own a computer. We actually showed him how to use the internet and let him view the blog we started when we found out I was pregnant. He was a bit overwhelmed, to say the least.

This Saturday, we're supposed to go to my mom & stepdad's. My sister and her husband will be in town visiting and my stepsister and her family are joining us too. Having other people there we want to see always helps "cushion" seeing my mom, who I've already mentioned can be... tough to deal with. So it should be a nice time.

I love his eyes in this photo.

The young and the... well, old.

Enjoying bathtime. Colton has a blast playing in the tub with his toys and splashing water!

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