Friday, April 17, 2009

Enough With the Changes, Already!

For the past few days, Colton has been waking up from his naps and overnight screaming for me because he's flipped over onto his tummy and doesn't know how to get onto his back again. I found him this morning struggling to turn over, but he was trying to go in the direction of the bumper and kept getting stuck! I feel so bad for him. It makes me think that he will probably skip crawling and go straight to walking, since he can't stand to be on his belly. I plan on at least attempting to help him get the hang of rolling from his tummy to his back during tummy time by guiding his hands and feet the way they should go.

There isn't too much else to report. Except that I've been extremely frustrated with our church's nursery lately, to the point where I won't bring Colton there until some problems are resolved. For the past several weeks, the beepers have all had dead or dying batteries in them. How can you reach a parent when you need to with defunct pagers? Sometime last month, one of the nursery workers fastened Colton's diaper so tight that he was crying when we came to get him and his onesie wasn't even snapped. In fact, it was kind of sloppily sticking out of his pants.

Two weeks ago when I went to pick him up and asked how he did, the frazzled lady holding him informed me that he had been really fussy the whole time so she decided to feed him. Even though I specifically said when we dropped him off, that he had just been fed and changed right before we left the house so he wouldn't need a bottle. I elaborated by saying that he'd most likely need a nap during that time. As far as I know, nobody put him down in one of the cribs or swings to snooze though. I was told that after eating, Colton seemed okay but still a bit fussy and they assumed he had gas. Nope. People, he was just TIRED. I wondered what in the world they fed him since I hadn't prepared and packed any bottles for him. Then I saw the empty Similac container on the edge of the changing station. It was one of those ready-made bottles I got in the hospital and just chucked in the diaper bag in case of an emergency.

I am glad that they tried to soothe him and were resourceful enough to feed him something, had he really been hungry. What concerns me is that my instructions, as his mother, were ignored and that since it sounded like he was in distress and they had no idea what might be wrong, nobody bothered to come get me in the sanctuary. It always seems a bit chaotic in there when we pick him up after service, too.

So we're faced with a real dilemma. I don't feel comfortable leaving Colton for an hour in nursery anymore, but I also know that he would be a huge distraction if we brought him into the service with us. I'm sure the nursery volunteers have the best of intentions; I'm just not confident most of them actually know what to do with a baby. GPBC is a great church, but it is run the old school way where it relies heavily on volunteers for everything. There is no paid children's coordinator, even though the congregation consists of many families with four or more children.

Gregg and I have discussed that GPBC might not be the place for us anymore, for other reasons. Our needs are different than they were four years ago before we left NJ. Our family is different. Still, I'm having a hard time accepting that we seem to no longer "fit" there. After all that looking for a church during last year, I was so relieved and glad to be able to plug right back into the church we had already been such a part of. Shortly after we moved back here all the pieces started falling into place, and they had been so disjointed for such a long time. I know that where we're living right now is also only temporary, and we could end up finding a place that is too far away from our present church home.

So I guess I just have to roll with the punches and deal with the fact that life changes. I just want some stability after all the moves we've made recently. To fall into a familiar, predictable routine. To not have to figure out how to belong in yet one more place.

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