Thursday, January 11, 2007

From This Moment: Thursday Thirteen #6

It was four years ago today that Gregg and I stood up and said our vows in front of over 100 friends and family members at Hawthorne Gospel Church. That day was one of the coldest that winter, but the adrenaline pumping through me kept me warm. The ceremony was almost a complete blur (thank goodness for videography!) and it felt surreal, almost dream-like, to be getting married. At the reception we danced and ate rich, yummy food for nearly five hours. It felt wonderful to finally be Gregg’s wife and we could now kiss all we wanted to, hee hee. I remember that I couldn’t stop smiling, and it was as if the world had stopped just for us on our special day.

Four years ago that we embarked on a journey together which has been peppered with joy, strife, misunderstandings, laughter, tears, disappointments, and maturing in our faith and our concept of what it really means to love. This journey is far, far from over. We still have many miles to go as a married couple, and I look forward to what our fifth year of marriage will bring.

So in honor of our anniversary, this week’s T13 is a list of things that I love about my husband and being married.

13 Things I Love About Marriage & My Husband

1. I have a partner, a teammate, to navigate through life with. Two are better than one at solving problems and I always know he’s praying for me, which gives me strength and courage to face each day.
2. The intimacy we share, not just physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. No one makes me laugh like Gregg does, and we have a lot of little inside jokes only we know about.
3. My husband loves God and wants to please Him. I appreciate that he gets up early in the morning to read the Bible and prays before starting his work day.
4. I love that there is no better or safer place to be than in his arms. When he wraps me up in them, I melt.
5. I love the way he takes care of me, from making my breakfast in the morning as I rush around getting ready for work, to asking if I’d like anything when he gets up for a drink or snack.
6. I like that no one knows me as well as he does- all my little quirks and idiosyncrasies- yet he still loves me and is quick to forgive.
7. I appreciate all the things marriage has taught me, about not giving up and loving unconditionally.
8. Gregg continually affirms my self-worth by telling me what a great wife I am and how much he loves me.
9. I love the history that we share. We have triumphs together that have come after a long period of trusting God to do His perfect will in our lives and also trips & special occasions we’ve experienced as a couple that all make up the story of us.
10. I am grateful for my husband’s commitment to me. I have never doubted the promises he made on our wedding day to love me until “death do us part”. I am secure in knowing that I will always be the woman he cherishes in this life.
11. I like that he shares my interests, even if they aren’t his favorites, and that he’s introduced me to a wealth of his own. Over the years, we’ve picked up some new ones that we enjoy together.
12. I so appreciate how he sacrifices for me, when he puts my needs ahead of his and spends a few hours at the mall when he’d rather be getting a root canal.
13. I love that our marriage is a beacon in a day when over half the marriages end in divorce.

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mistihollrah said...

What a great TT! Love it.

Chek mine's way that I plan to pamper myself this year!

Barbara said...

I sounds like a wonderful marriage. Great list.

Caylynn said...

Happy Anniversary! :) Your husband sounds like a wonderful man. Terrific way to celebrate your anniversary. :)

Erin said...

Happy Anniversary Marisa!! I hope you and Gregg have a wonderful day and that your celebration is joyous!


PatentPrincess said...

Our anniversaries are in the same week! Happy Anniversary!!


Raggedy said...

Beautiful TT!
Happy Anniversary!
I enjoyed reading about your wonderful marriage.
Have a fabulous day!
My TT is posted