Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #7

This week, like most, has been busy with various events, meetings, Bible study and worship rehearsal. We usually just throw something not-so nutritious together for dinner so we can get out the door on time to wherever we have to go. With this harried lifestyle, it’s nice to unwind in front of the tv and escape into the fantasy world of our favorite programs, whether it be drama or comedy. Some of our favs have recently returned to primetime after being on hiatus, like Prison Break and American Idol.

I thought I’d devote this week’s Thursday Thirteen to the shows we enjoy watching together, including those that we’ve enjoyed in the past, because of the return of some old favorites and the “tv dinners” we’ve been eating lately.

13 TV Shows I Enjoy Watching With My Husband

1. American Idol. I never thought I’d get hooked on this show. I’ll admit that it’s my guilty pleasure. Actually, it wasn’t until the 4th season where Carrie Underwood won that we both became obsessed with it. Now we look forward to the tryouts where it seems that all the people with no talent whatsoever showed up together in one place, to the actual competition where the contestants get to meet famous celebrities each week and sing a song of theirs, or in their genre.

2. The Apprentice. We’ve been watching this one since Season 1, and got hooked right away. As I mentioned before, since we have a very limited range of cable we don’t get NBC, so we have to watch it online after it airs on regular television. It’s kind of a pain, but better than not being able to watch it at all. It’s interesting to see the candidates get through the tasks Trump assigns them and what leads up to the big heave-ho in the boardroom. “You’re fired!”

3. Little House on the Prairie. With modern life so complicated, it was nice to take a trip back to simpler times with the Ingalls Family. The show came on TBS towards the end of 2005, and Gregg & I just fell in love with the classic series. I joked that we had become like a fifty-ish couple because we loved to watch Little House and play board games to pass the time. Yup, just call us Ma & Pa.

4. Prison Break. Taking a walk on the darker side, we started getting into this highly suspenseful show when it started last year. With all its twists and turns, it grabs our attention each week and we wonder how long the inmates can run without getting caught.

5. King of Queens. We’ve been watching re-runs of this one on the new CW network pretty much every night since last spring. Doug and Carrie never fail to crack us up with everything from trying to find the perfect couplefriend to doing anything they could to become just like another couple whose pictures they accidentally got at the drug store. Some of the funny things Doug does reminds us both of Gregg!

6. American Chopper. My husband was really into this show a few years ago, and then I started watching it with him. Before this, I had no idea that a chopper referred to a certain kind of motorcycle, but I got into watching the Teutel’s build custom bikes while hashing out their family feuds each week. Two years ago in March, we actually drove up to their showroom and store in Montgomery, NY.

7. Trading Spouses. Every week, this show convinces us that we would never ever want to trade spouses. Even for $50,000.

8. Bones. How will Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth solve this week’s spine-chilling crime? And will they ever get together? We tune in each Wednesday night to see.

9. Junkyard Mega Wars. This one we only watched for a period of time the first year we were married, but it’s another that I never would have watched if it weren’t for Gregg. Teams of 4 have to run around looking for parts in a junkyard with which to build these machines that will later go head to head in fierce competition. Weird, huh? I know. It must be a guy thing.

10. House. It’s fascinating each week to see what kind of crazy, never-before-heard-of diagnosis Dr. House and his colleagues will come up with. Often times it’s a race against the clock to find out what’s wrong with the patient; then, about ten minutes before the show ends, House has a major breakthrough and solves the mystery saying “Oh of course, that was it all along! Just start him on some penicillin, and he’ll be fine.”

11. Reba. This light- hearted comedy invites us to laugh at a dysfunctional Southern family and makes ours’ seem like the Walton’s in comparison.

12. Doc. Ah, that cheesy PAX show where Doc Cassidy always saved the day and taught a valuable life lesson all in one hour. We were suckers for it until it ended, with Doc and Nurse Nancy ending up together and running off to be healthcare workers somewhere in Southeast Asia.

13. Beauty & The Geek. Another guilty pleasure, because in all honesty this show is pretty dumb. I mean, they take the most stereotypically nerdy guys and pair them with these blonde airheads who can’t even add two plus two to do various challenges each episode. In the process, they’re supposed to learn that beauty is more than skin deep and even geeks are lovable too. It’s hopelessly cliché, but so much fun to watch. Gregg says that he’s a geek and I’m his beauty. Aw.

So what does this tell you about the two of us- that we watch entirely too much tv? Probably.

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JohnH985 said...

Great list. I'm not a big fan of the Donald, but I've gotten hooked up American Idol too.

My 13 are up.

amy said...

Thanks for sharing these with us. I treasure the time I get to watch with hubby. Thank God for DVR! We both enjoy Dog the Bounty Hunter