Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #5

My first post of the new year! I can't believe it's 2007 already. Where did 2006 go?

Our visit last week with Gregg's family was very nice. We had a BEA-utiful weekend, so we were able to enjoy some outdoor activities. While it was great to have them here it was also good to "get back to normal", just in time for the new year. I've been swamped at work since I went back on Tuesday, because not only did I lose an entire day but it's also the beginning of the month, the beginning a new quarter and the beginning of a whole 'nother year. I've been working on getting ready to send off our corporate taxes and the W-2 forms for all the employees. Fun stuff. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!

This week, I thought I'd do a T13 about the things I'm looking forward to in 2007. It's fun to look ahead to what the new year will bring, and there's lots to anticipate.

1. Our anniversary! One week from today, we will celebrate four years of wedded bliss. Gregg usually works on Thursday nights because he has to be at worship rehearsal, but he took the 11th off so we could enjoy a (hopefully) romantic night together. He is the love of my life and I am so blessed that he is mine.

2. Wishing my mother and sister happy birthday as they celebrate momentous landmarks in their life. My sister will turn 25 and my mom is going to be the big 60.

3. The birth of our niece sometime in May, Jeff and Liz's expectant little one.

4. Finally getting a freaking vacation! To get any vacation time with my company, you have to work there for at least a year so I'll be able to go away for a week or a few days come April 3.

5. The lease expiring on Gregg's truck in August. It's costing us a small fortune to have that vehicle, plus the insurance, plus the gas. By turning it back in and getting a used motorcycle that Gregg can take back and forth to work, we expect to save about $600/month.

6. Being eligible for homestead exemption. We didn't qualify in 2006 because we bought our house right after the deadline to file, and also since it was flipped, it wasn't the previous owner's primary place of residence so we couldn't ride out the rest of his exemption. $25,000 taken right off the top of our home's estimated value will save us in property taxes this year.

7. My 10 year high school reunion. Okay, I don't really think I'll actually get on a plane and go but it's kind of cool/weird to think that it's been ten whole years since I graduated HS. It doesn't seem like that long ago.

8. Tess becoming older and growing out of her puppy stage. I know I shouldn't want her to grow up so fast because dogs only live like, what 15 years? She's so hyperactive sometimes though, that it's down right irritating. She has gotten a lot better since the day we took her home five months ago, however.

9. Gregg getting a raise the end of this month. Employees of the church get a raise every year, and I'm praying he's recognized well for all the hard work he does there.

10. The hot, sticky humid FL weather July through September. Um yeah, notsomuch.

11. Getting to know people in our church better and making more couplefriends.

12. Celebrating Christmas, possibly in New Jersey.

13. Uh, ringing in 2008? I ran out of things!

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momtoanangel said...

Good TT 13, thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

Nice TT! Good topic!

Jenny in Ca

amy said...

You have lots of things to look forward to..Anniversaries and nieces and nephews! I am excited for you

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

You have a wonderful year ahead of you.

Raggedy said...

Happy New Year!
Happy Anniversary!
good list
Big savings
My TT is posted

Rachelle said...

wow, you have an exciting year ahead..good luck!