Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday Update

Ugh, it’s so hard to go back to work after a nice weekend. The weather was gorgeous, and not too hot either. Friday night wasn’t that special. After dinner we decided to go to Sears to get ideas for what we could spend our gift card on. There were only about ten cars in the parking lot when we pulled up to the store. Neither one of us are big fans of Sears to begin with, so this was kind of disparaging. Gregg’s family is however, and I joked that they’re the ones probably keeping it in business.

It was a complete ghost town inside the store. I can’t be sure, but I thought I saw a tumbleweed come down one of the aisles. All of their sales people looked bored to tears. We looked in every department they had, from housewares to electronics, and found some things that we could use like new garden tools and kitchen products. We also looked at their gas grills, because ours stopped working a few months ago. Their nicest inexpensive one was about $150, not bad.

Saturday, we tackled about a week’s worth of laundry because, hallelujah, we have a working dryer again! The new motor finally arrived last week and Gregg finished installing it Saturday morning after breakfast. Once we got a few loads going, we went to Sam’s Club & Walmart and had lunch out.

I was not having a very good day, unfortunately. My hormones were in overdrive and I was having major mood swings. I had trouble for some reason remembering to take my birth control pills this month, so I’d double up the next day. This threw my whole system out of whack and by Saturday, I was feeling absolutely miserable.

It started when I made pancakes that morning. As they were on the griddle, Gregg looked over my shoulder and started offering advice on how to cook them better. I freaked out a little and thought, what, I don’t know how to make stinkin’ pancakes correctly?? It’s not rocket science, for heaven’s sake! I stayed moody all through breakfast.

At the grocery store, we argued about how much salad to buy for the church Salt Shakers dinner we were going to that night. Then when we got home, we couldn’t agree on which bowl the salad should go in and I lost it when he admitted we probably didn’t need two 2 lb. bags of romaine lettuce after all. Just two days before, we were lost in reminiscing about the romance of our wedding and now we were arguing over… vegetables.

About an hour before we were supposed to leave the house, he started folding one of the last loads that came out of the dryer and I went into the bedroom to help. He said how great it was that we stayed on top of the folding that day because usually we end up with a giant pile of wrinkled clothes that we select from during the week. (Did I ever mention how I bad I am at keeping up with the laundry?) That seems to be one of Gregg’s pet peeves, and though he doesn’t ever really mention that it bothers him, that past week he probably said something to me about five times. As we folded whites side by side, he kept going on about how discouraged he would be seeing that pile accumulate again, and

I. flipped. out.

He could see it was going to be a losing battle for him to stick around and watch me carry on, so he stopped folding clothes and left the room. This, of course, just made me even more mad. But I sucked it up, went into the living room where he had retreated, and apologized. At that point though, all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball on the bed in the dark. The Salt Shakers dinner was the last thing I wanted to go to, but it turned out to be just what I needed. We had a great evening of food, fun and fellowship. Upon stepping into our bedroom to get ready for bed that night, I was so grateful not to be greeted by a monstrous pile of unfolded clothes. Everything was in its proper drawer or closet. Just the way it should be.

Sunday, Gregg gave the ministry highlight in both services. He talked about what’s going on with the “new” Sound and Vision Ministry (formerly Tech Team) and how people could get involved. After church, we went home to change and decided to go to this little Mexican restaurant we had heard was good. By the time we got home, it was 3 o’clock already! We just kind of lounged around on the couch for the rest of the afternoon and watched last week’s episode of The Apprentice on Gregg’s laptop.

To sum up our weekend: it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

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Erin said...

I so enjoyed reading your last two posts Marisa....especially about what you and Gregg did to celebrate your 4th anniversary.

I'm sorry you had such an emotional weekend (I totally sympathize with everything), but I hope you're having a good Monday. And I'm glad you had a good time at the Salt Shakers dinner, too!